The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 532

    Chapter 532 In A Coma For About Four Days

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    Su Qianci woke up at the familiar ringtone. When she opened her eyes, it was daytime. The alarm showed it was past 8 Am. She answered the call which was from Cheng You. Why was she calling? She picked up. “Hello?”

    “Madam? I I know you must feel terrible right now, but this could not wait. Can you come to the company at 2 pm?”

    “Company” His company. Right, now that Li Sicheng was gone, his company was not managed. The Li Group must be a mess now. She forgot about that. Sitting up, she listened to Cheng You.

    “Yes, after the news about him got out, the stock price of the Li Group has hit a record low. The shareholders are in a rush to vote for a new CEO. Since Mr. Li has 55.3% of the shares, and you are the first in succession, I hoped you could show up at the shareholders’ meeting in the company. Can you do that?”

    Cheng You had no idea that someone as great as Li Sicheng would suddenly pass away. These days, Cheng You had been crying so hard that she was going blind. Having followed her boss for so many years, in all fairness, Li Sicheng not only valued her, but also treated her well. When he was still single, Cheng You also had a thing for him. After all, he was the man standing in the clouds whom everyone looked up to and everyone loved. Although she was not courageous enough to seduce him, it was impossible to say that she had no feelings for him.

    However, she still had a life to live and a job to do. In the days when he was not there, many things were shouldered by her alone. After all, her prestige was only second to him in the company, but this would not be a long-term solution. In just a few days, many shareholders were already desperately trying to choose a new president, and some even said that they would sell their shares and be gone. To hell with the Li Group!

    Li Sicheng had started the company from scratch, which took him a lot of effort. No matter what, Cheng You could not let the company be destroyed. However, not matter powerful Cheng You was, she was but an assistant.

    “Okay, I will go there in the afternoon.”

    “We’ll wait for you.”

    Hanging up the phone, Su Qianci came out after washing, and then saw several missed calls. They were all from a number in the capital. Would it be Rong Haiyue? He seemed to have been seriously injured that day, and she didn’t know how he was.

    Su Qianci called back, and it was picked up soon. But for a few seconds, no one spoke first.

    After a long while, she heard, “Qianci?”

    A female voice spoke; it was Rong Xuan.

    “Is there something you need?”

    Rong Xuan paused and said, “Rong Haiyue was seriously injured, and the skin on his whole body was severely burned, so he did not go to see you. Now he just woke up.” After a pause, she added, “He was in a coma for four or five days.” .”

    Severe burn, coma for four or five days. Although Su Qianci did not have much affection for her biological father, hearing such words still made her quite upset.

    “He wants to see you.” Rong Xuan’s voice was low, testing her.

    Su Qianci heard that clearly. What was Rong Xuan doing? Was she afraid she would refuse?