The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Hand You Over To Tang Mengying

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Shuang Yu almost burst into tears, immediately running toward the house, hitting the door and pressing the doorbell.

Li Jinnan was just ready to go out, holding the car key in his hand. When he opened the door, he saw the appearance of Shuang Yu and raised his eyebrows. “What happened?”

Shuang Yu could not speak, gesturing with her hands and pointing to the direction of Tang Zhenghao’s car.

Li Jinnan looked at her and felt amused. Crossing his arms, he smiled although he could not understand anything.

Shuang Yu was anxious and gestured a cell phone at him.

Li Jinnan handed her his phone, and she quickly typed: Madam was kidnapped.

Li Jinnan was shocked, and his expression changed.

Then she typed again: ask Sir to go to the abandoned warehouse in the eastern suburbs alone, otherwise the consequences will be at our own risk.

“Bastard!” Li Jinnan immediately took the phone back and rushed out to drive. Shuang Yu followed him, pointing to herself to signal that she could help. Li Jinnnan let her in and drove the yellow Porsche off in the direction Shuang Yu pointed.

Su Qianci was held in the car. Feeling the knife on her neck, she was very nervous. Despite the fear in her heart, though, she was unexpectedly calm.

Tang Zhenghao finally released her. Su Qianci looked at Tang Zhenghao sitting on the side, shrunk to the corner, her hands twisted. She forced herself to be calm and asked, “What do you want?”

Tang Zhenghao glanced at her and sneered. “Relax, I will not do anything to you. Later on, I will hand you to my Mengying for her pleasure… Happy?”

The heart of Su Qianci sank. Leaning against the car door, she was frightened thinking of how crazy and hysterical Tang Mengying was in the hospital.

That woman had indeed been a psychopath.

She could even try to kill her own child. And after being sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment, she was transferred a mental hospital. Now… how would she deal with Su Qianci? Her heart trembled.

Tang Zhenghao looked at how hard she was trying to pretend to be calm despite her fear and felt amused. The car was driven to the east suburbs smoothly, but suddenly, he saw that a yellow Porsche was coming close, and sitting in the driver’s seat was the third child of the Li family, Li Jinnan.

“Hey, these brothers of the Li family are all good, but why are they all so impulsive?” Tang Zhenghao lamented. “I said, I only allowed Li Sicheng to come alone. Aren’t they forcing me to kill the hostage off?”

During Tang Zhenghao’s speech, the sharp dagger in his hand was wielded in front of her, making her lean closer to the door. Her heart was racing so fast that she could no longer feel it. Tightly biting her lower lip, Su Qianci was clinging to the door with red eyes.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Tang Zhenghao laughed happily and took back the dagger. He said, “I was just trying to scare you. I have to ask Li Sicheng to help me do things. If I kill you, then the boy would try to kill me.”

Tang Zhenghao played with the dagger and commanded absentmindedly, “Get rid of the boy, but be careful. There is a pregnant lady on board.”