The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Something Happened To Ou Ming

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The phone rang a dozen times, and no one answered. Just when it was about to go to voicemail, someone answered. There were some noises there, accompanied by heavy breathing. Ou Ming’s voice quickly came through. “Sicheng?” He sounded hazy and drunk.

Li Sicheng frowned, swallowed back the good news, and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Sicheng…” Ou Ming said as he panted. Vaguely, there was even with a whimper. “Sicheng, I …” Before he said anything, he started to cry.

Li Sicheng was shocked. His soft look suddenly became tense and tough. He said calmly, “Where are you?”

His first question was not to ask what happened, nor how he was, but where he was. Ou Ming choked, and he couldn’t say anything, but a man’s sad voice was extremely shocking.

Li Sicheng’s facial lines were tightened, and he walked in without saying anything.

The tall and straight Shuang Yu stood at the side of Su Qianci, saw Li Sicheng came over and nodded to him. The doctor was explaining some precautions to her. Her face was filled with the radiance of maternal love as she listened patiently.

Ou Ming’s voice was getting smaller as he said, “I am in the villa of Xishan.”

Xishan Villa was where Ou Ming was keeping Yu Lili.

Li Sicheng’s eyes became even dimmer. Ou Ming’s appearance definitely had something to do with Yu Lili. But for her to force Ou Ming into this, Yu Lili had much more influence than he imagined.

Li Sicheng did not ask much and said, “I will arrive soon.” Then he hung up.

Su Qianci looked over and found that his mood was a lot worse. She was a bit worried, and the doctor happened to be reaching the end. She nodded to his suggestions and went up to hold Li Sicheng’s hand, whispering, “What happened?”

“Ou Ming is in trouble. I have to go see him.” Li Sicheng’s voice was very soft, but his mood was not light. “I will send you back first.”

“No, you go. Shuang Yu and De are there.”

Shuang Yu always followed Su Qianci and did not walk half a step away.

“I will send you back first,” Li Sicheng insisted and walked her to the car, asking De to drive directly back to the old house. Along the way, he was somewhat absent-minded. She reached out and touched his hand. She whispered, “What happened to Ou Ming?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know, but I have never seen him like that.”

Like what?

Su Qianci was curious, but when she saw the tightness of his lip line, she did not ask more. When they arrived at the old house, Shuang Yu got out of the car with Su Qianci, and when Li Sicheng was ready to follow her, he was pushed away by his wife. “You go see Ou Ming. I am home already. delivered.”

For Li Sicheng, Ou Ming and Luo Zhan were the closest to him in addition to his family, especially Ou Ming. The feelings were brotherly. For someone as powerful as Ou Ming to make Li Sicheng worry so much, it was certainly not a small thing. Li Sicheng was pushed back. He nodded and looked at Shuang Yu. “Take care of her.”

Shuang Yu could not speak, so she only nodded. And then, Li Sicheng asked De to drive to the Xishan villa area…