The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Gun Shoots The Head Bird

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Cheng You felt uncomfortable. She had been working hard for three years before she got to this position, stepping on God knows how many “dead bodies.” If Rong Rui came over, he would be enjoying the same salary as her immediately? No! That was too unfair! Cheng You lightly coughed. “Isn’t this kinda against the rules?”

Li Sicheng seemed to have seen through what she thought and said, “How about doubling your year-end award?”

“All right, boss. I will accomplish the task!”

“Thank you.”

For the next week or so, Li Sicheng was very busy. First, it was a project between the Li Group and Australia. Second, it was the unfinished Tang Group’s acquisition. The fact that Tang Zhenghao was not located had undoubtedly become a great concern of his. However, it was worth noting that in just nine days, the drug trafficking gangs had been cracked twice. The value of each batch of seized substance was up to several million, amounting to 10 million combined.

Through this experience, the Li Group’s cooperation with the police had become more and more close. Weibo and news had been reporting this as well, making the company’s stock price surge in this short period of time. However, as the company became more and more famous, the worry in Su Qianci’s heart was not reduced, but increased sharply.

Today was the day for pregnancy care. Li Sicheng got up early and went to the study to work. Then at about nine o’clock, he went back to the bedroom. He had thought that it would take a lot of effort to wake up Su Qianci. But when he returned to the room, she had already gone into the bathroom to wash. Her belly began to show significantly, much bigger than other four-month bellies.

Li Sicheng looked at her belly and couldn’t help but curl his lips. He went up to hold her up. His voice was low, mellow, and gentle. “So early today?”

Su Qianci said,“Help me change. It is time to do the checkup.”

“Well, how about a dress? This one has a loose fit and will look good.” Li Sicheng picked up a floral spring dress. “Raise your arm.”

She followed the instruction, gazing at him with her almond-shaped eyes. Blinking, she obviously had something to say.

Li Sicheng pretended not to notice, concentrating on helping her get the dress on. He finally pulled her zipper up and said, “Done.”


“Yes?” He took the coat next to him and put it on her, answering absentmindedly.

“Don’t you think that the Li Group is too high-profile now? It is right to assist the police in cracking down on the criminal gang. But now everyone knows that the Li Group has been working closely with the police. Is it too obvious? The gang will definitely come after us.”

As the saying goes, the gun shoots the head bird.

Recently, the Li Group had been receiving too much attention, and she was worried sick.

“Little fool, do you think that before I did this, the criminal gang had not been aiming at us?” Li Sicheng looked helpless. “Remember the clown speaker? It was a warning that they sent us. Tang Zhenghao has a close relationship with them. It can be seen during this time that Tang Zhenghao is the head, or at least in the leadership of the gang.”