The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 500

Chapter 500

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“Aren’t there more people at the company? Everyone should be working at this hour.”

“Today is Saturday. Hurry, my wife is waiting for me.”

“Oh right, what’s the hurry? I am reversing now. But it is best to go to the hospital, look at your face…”

Li Sicheng looked at the rearview mirror and saw a scrape on his left cheek at least three fingers wide. Blood was coming out and a piece of skin was still attached. Well, it was really ugly.

“OK, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Got it.”

He went to the hospital and treated the wound before going to the company’s cloakroom to get changed. Just when he was changing clothes, Li Sicheng discovered that there were many bruises on his body. No wonder it was burning everywhere. Damn, he thought he could have made out with his wife after the first trimester. Now he did not even dare to take off his clothes. If she saw it, she would be worried sick.

Li Sicheng suddenly felt that he should not have come this time. Tang Zhenghao was at large. And now he could not even touch his wife However, it was precisely this time that Li Sicheng had further confirmed his original guess. Behind Tang Zhenghao, there was a drug trafficking gang.

The man of the two people sitting in the front should be the gangster who held Su Qianci at the gate of the Star City last time, and that woman was undoubtedly the accomplice who had saved him. As a result, it seemed even harder to deal with Tang Zhenghao. This drug-trafficking gang was like a wall of iron and steel. Those policemen had not accomplished anything after many attempts. How could he, a businessman, fight them?

Unless…he also became part of it? He was changing more and more slowly, as thoughts emerged in his mind, It seemed to be feasible. But… If grandfather knew it, he would be so pissed that he’d end up in a hospital. Should he wait for an accident to happen?

Turning on the phone, he received a call from Luo Zhan. “There is no such license plate number at all, so the license plate is fake.” Luo Zhan was determined. Li Sicheng trusted Luo Zhan very much. If he said it was fake, then it was definitely not authentic. The drug gang was so cautious. No wonder the police had not been able to get them.

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes, as he voiced his thoughts, “Without entering the tiger’s den, you won’t get a baby tiger.”

Hearing Li Sicheng’s words, Luo Zhan had a sense of crisis. “Hey, what do you want to do?”

“Nothing, you didn’t sleep well last night, right? Go to sleep, I will call you when there are updates.”

“Hey, I should warn you as a brother: Don’t do anything stupid”

Li Sicheng hung up without waiting for him to finish the conversation. Buttoning his cufflinks, he picked up his jacket, put it on, and soon left the company. When he arrived at the old house, Li Sicheng saw the way that Su Qianci stood at the door and looked around.

Seeing his car coming back, she ran out from the house and greeted him, reaching out and slamming the window.

Li Sicheng coughed a little, feeling guilty. Looking into the rearview mirror, he made sure his face did not look too bad before opening the door.

Zhou Chen laughed loudly. “Madam, he lost a fight and got his ass kicked. You should tame him in the future.”

“Get lost!” Li Sicheng shut the door madly. Zhou Chen went to park the car, laughing.

Su Qianci saw his face, and then looked at his hand. Pursing her lips, Su Qianci hugged his waist and whispered, “You scared me. Why didn’t you answer the phone?”