The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 499

Chapter 499 If She Knows She Will Be Worried Sick

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The yellow Porsche turned sharply and rushed toward that person with the beautiful engine sound. Tang Zhenghao, who was the real deal, walked faster and ran wildly. He rushed to the front and climbed over the railing.

The yellow Porsche stopped, and Li Sicheng immediately got out and chased after him. Although he had not followed military training for many years, Li Sicheng still had the basics down and was running as fast as the police behind him.

Tang Zhenghao watched Li Shicheng get closer and closer, and panicked. Eventually he grit his teeth. He was ready to desperately fight Li Sicheng. Strong wind passed by, followed by the tires rubbing against the ground.

“Get in!” A deliberately suppressed female voice called, but Li Sicheng felt it was a little familiar. The woman was wearing a black knit hat with long curly hair. A large pair of sunglasses covered half of her face. Tang Zhenghao saw the rescue and finally let out a sigh of relief. He opened the door in the back and sat in.

Just when the door was about to close, Li Sicheng held it with a big hand, panting and reaching out to drag Tang Zhenghao down.

Tang Zhenghao was frightened and shouted while holding his hand, “Drive, drive fast!”

The car was quickly started. Although Li Sicheng was dragged by the car, his hand holding the door was still very stable. Pushing himself up, Li Sicheng actually wanted to get in the car!

“Stupid!” The woman in the front seat whispered. Li Sicheng looked up and saw a man and a woman sitting in the front. The driver was a man who seemed very tall, wearing a military green cap and a mask and only showing a pair of eyes. He was looking at Li Sicheng through the rearview mirror.

Just a glance, and then, Li Sicheng heard a gun being loaded.

Shocked, Li Sicheng took the opportunity to let go. The car was so fast that he lost his balance and was thrown out. “Sir!” The driver pulled over and ran to him. Li Sicheng fell out and rolled on the ground. Looking up, he saw the black car had gone far.

“Are you okay?” Zhou Chen asked, helping him up.

Li Sicheng dusted himself off and shook his head. “Nothing serious.”

“Your face, and your hand If madam knows this, she will be worried sick.”

Li Sicheng felt the burning pain on his body. Especially on the left cheek, it was practically burning. The palms of both hands were also scraped. His outfit had holes and mud all over. But at that moment, Li Sicheng didn’t care about himself. Looking at the black car that had gone far away, he memorized the license plate number silently, reached out to touch the phone in his pocket, and found it was dead.

“Give your phone to me.” Li Sicheng reached out a hand, the palm of his hand was torn, covered in yellow and red liquid.

Zhou Chen quickly took out his phone. Li Sicheng entered the license plate number, “Ask Luo Zhan to check the license plate number and all the car’s driving routes today. Keep an eye on them. They have a wanted drug dealer and a gun.”

Zhou Chen became serious. “Yes!”

Li Sicheng returned to the car, inhaling. Seeing how bad he looked, he said, “Go back to the company and let me get changed before going back. I look terrible.”


“What are you laughing at?”