The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 498

Chapter 498 I Feel That Something Is About To Go Wrong

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Holding her phone, Su Qianci looked at Li Jinnan and asked, “What on earth is he doing?” For some reason, she felt incredibly anxious.

He could tell that she was very worried. Checking his phone, he said, “Today is Saturday, if you don’t have to go to class, why don’t you go back to sleep? When my brother comes back, I will ask him to wake you.”

“I can’t sleep. I have a feeling that something is about to go wrong. Can you take me to find him?”

Li Jinnan chuckled. He said, “Didn’t you just call Luo Zhan? Since he has arranged everything, nothing would happen. I trust my brother’s ability.”

“Me too, but…”

“Don’t think about it. If he knows that you are thinking this, he won’t be happy.”

It was early spring, and it was still very cold. Wearing a fitted black shirt, he was drinking a cold Coke. The expression on his face seemed to say that Su Qianci shouldn’t be so worried.

She pursed her lips and walked back to the bedroom with her cell phone. Seeing that Su Qianci was gone, the expression on his face gradually changed. Holding the long-distance paging device that he had hidden in his palm, he whispered, “Come home early after solving the problem. Your wife is worried about you.”

Kingstown Airport —

A lavish yellow Porsche sports car had been parked for several minutes near the terminal building. A man wearing black clothes, sunglasses, and a cap was gazing at the entrance to the terminal.

In the back seat of the Porsche, Li Sicheng sent the last documents with his phone, pressed his headset, and said, “Got it. Tell her not worry about me. I will go back soon.”

“Isn’t it just Tang Zhenghao? Can he grow a pair of wings and fly? Why do you have to watch him yourself?”

“I can’t relax until I get rid of him. His intentions yesterday were obvious. He wants to do something to her. I don’t want to give him any opportunity, and I don’t want her to have an accident. Keep an eye on her. It is best not to let her be alone in the bedroom. You can call her to the living room to chat. I’ll leave it to you, Li Jinnan.” As Li Sicheng finished talking, he suddenly saw someone running out of the terminal carrying a bag, followed by a few guys in black. The person being chased was a bit fat, wearing a suit, a cap, a pair of sunglasses, and a mask. Judging by his figure, it was exactly Tang Zhenghao.

“I must go. Take care of her,” Li Sicheng said and urged the driver in front of him, “Catch up!”

The Yellow Porsche was started, the sound of the engine sounded amazing. Tang Zhenghao immediately looked over, felt shocked, ran away, and quickly went on the highway.

A patrolman nearby saw him and immediately shouted, “What are you doing!”

One of the people chasing Tang Zhenghao took out his badge and shouted, “Police. He is a wanted criminal. Catch him!”

The man ran forward and looked back. Since it was a windy day, the cap was blown away, revealing his gray hair. Li Sicheng felt more certain that this was Tang Zhenghao! The yellow Porsche drifted with a huge noise, stopping in front of the man.

Tang Zhenghao stopped immediately. With nowhere to run, he wanted to climb over the fence. Those who behind him quickly rushed up. One of the officers pinned him down and handcuffed him immediately. Seeing this, many people felt relieved.

However, after removing his cap, mask, and sunglasses, they found he looked nothing similar to Tang Zhenghao.


Li Sicheng burst out in wrath. He couldn’t help but look at the entrance to the terminal. There was a figure slightly obese, with his whole body wrapped like a rice dumpling. Covering his face, he was walking very fast. Gazing at him, Li Sicheng roared, “There he is. Catch him!”