The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Now I Am Cheng Yous Boyfriend

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Li Sicheng did not return the entire night. When Su Qianci was half asleep in the early morning, she found that he did not return. When she called him, his number was busy. Looking out the window, the sky was lighting up. The wind was a little strong, making a shrill noise through the windowpane.

Su Qianci rarely got up so early. After washing, she went out to the living room. It was the first time for Li Jinnan to see her so early. “Hey, Su Qianci, you are up so early?”

“Yeah.” She dialed the number of Li Sicheng again.

Li Jinnan approached her and asked, “Calling my brother?”

“Yeah, your brother didn’t come back last night, and no one answered the phone.”

“He may be busy with work. Don’t worry, he won’t mess around.” Li Jinnan opened a bottle of Coke. “The men in our family are very self-disciplined.”

“I am not worried about that. There is something else.” Unable to reach him still, Su Qianci was even more panicked. She called Cheng You. After a while, the phone was picked up, but it was a male voice. She checked the time and it was six o’clock in the morning. The number was Cheng You’s indeed.

“Hello? I am looking for Cheng You…”

“She is sleeping.” The male voice was a little husky. He added, “I am Rong Rui.”

“Oh, that’s okay. Let her go to sleep.”


But Su Qianci thought of something again and shouted, “Wait!”

“Is there something else?” Rong Rui’s voice sounded a little sleepy. He was keeping his voice low. Obviously, he was still inside the room.

“There should be no connection between you and Tang Mengying, right? You will not help Tang Mengying or the Tang family later, right?”

After about three or four seconds, Rong Rui said, “Technically, you are my cousin. I have hurt you before, and I apologize for that. Everything is over between me and that woman. If you have need of any help, you can ask me. Now, I am Cheng You’s boyfriend.”

“Shameless, who is your girlfriend!” There was her voice which sounded a bit stuffy. She was obviously still under the blanket.

Rong Rui chuckled and said, “If there’s nothing else, I will hang up now. Goodbye, cousin.”

With Rong Rui’s affirmative answer, Su Qianci felt reassured. However, as long as she could not locate Li Sicheng, she could not relax. Since it was no use calling Cheng You, how about Luo Zhan?

She took a chance and called Luo Zhan and didn’t expect the phone to be picked up so quickly. His voice was very clear. “Hey, Su Qianci?”

“Luo Zhan, do you know where my husband is?”

“I don’t know, but he must still be busy at this point. He will go home soon. Don’t wait for him, sleep first.” Luo Zhan said those words as if he had memorized them. At the end, he added, “He told me to say that and ask you not worry. Protect yourself and your children.”

“How is the situation?” Another familiar voice came through. It was Lu Yihan.

Luo Zhan looked up at him, his hands still busy on the keyboard. “OK.”

“Do you want something to eat?”

“Yes, I want a sandwich, thank you, Aunt Lu.”

Su Qianci was dumbfounded. Since when did they live together? Lu Yihan actually made him breakfast?

It seemed Luo Zhan just realized he was still on the phone. He immediately hung up.