The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Give Her The Most Beautiful Dream Wedding

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“It doesn’t matter. Even if we can’t get the evidence of Tang Zhenghao’s crimes, his debts will be enough to make him suffer. For that much money, he would spend at least a dozen or so years in jail. And when he comes out, he will be an old man.” Li Sicheng’s pressed his forehead against hers and he whispered softly, “Do you think that your man is no stronger than an old man?”

Su Qianci could not smile at all. She gently pushed him and said, “Be careful of Tang Mengying and Tang Zhenghao, especially Tang Mengying. I think it’s odd the she suddenly became mentally ill.”

Li Sicheng had also considered this. But at this moment, as he heard Su Qianci say it, he felt quite amazed. Touching her hair, he said, “Mrs. Li is getting better and better.”

“Hey, I have always been good.”

“Is that right? Which part? Let me see it.” He then reached out to touch her face. “Here? Here? Or here?” His big hand moved down, feeling her neck and chest.

Su Qianci blushed and slapped him his hand. “Stop it! Pack up and go to the old house!”

“Alright. Let’s go back to the old house to sleep.”

“You are terrible…”

“I just said sleep. What are you thinking?”

Sending Su Qianci back to the old house to get some rest, Li Sicheng did not rest with her, but called someone in San Francisco.

“How was it?”

“He has already boarded the plane. it will arrive at 7:00 tomorrow morning. The flight number is Kingstown Airline 3556…” Before he finished, Li Sicheng heard the polite voice of the flight attendant there. “I will turn off the phone now and call you back when I land.”


Hanging up the phone, Li Shicheng called Cheng You, “Send the proof that Tang Zhenghao misappropriated public funds and breached his contract to Sheng Ximing. Call the contact in Sheng Feng and inform him of Tang Zhenghao’s whereabouts.”

“Very well.”

Li Sicheng hung up, and then called Luo Zhan.

“Keep an eye on whether Tang Zhenghao has appeared in Kingstown Airport. When you get a chance, arrange the hunting.”


Li Sicheng also reinforced Tang Mengying’s guards, just in case.

The Tang family had no one but Tang Zhenghao. Without Tang Zhenghao, the Liu family would be nothing either. After he solved this matter, the wedding should be put on his agenda. He turned on the computer and looked at the scene he had designed by himself. He wanted to take her to Ireland and give her the most beautiful dream wedding. Certainly, it would be unforgettable.

Su Qianci took Tang Mengying’s diary and sat on the edge of the bed. The diary recorded her expectations for the baby in the first three months. The words were filled with maternal love and expectations. But after a little over three months, it stopped and there was nothing later. Was she imprisoned by Li Sicheng later on? Or, had she discovered that the child was not his?

Su Qianci felt that she was pathetic. She flipped through the book and a page randomly revealed. It was easy to tell that this page was often used, because there was an obvious gap, which made the book open this way. On this page, a sign was drawn, depicting a flame in the shape of a wolf head, with a star in the center. The clear lines were drawn with a colored pen.

What sign was this?