The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 495

Chapter 495 They Simply Couldn't Afford To Risk It

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“Tang Mengying is now locked up, how can it be…” Su Qianci was scared, grabbing the sleeves of Li Sicheng, and she couldn’t stop the fear. “What does she want?”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s not her.” Li Sicheng blinked as he had an idea. “The person just wants to scare you. Now he can’t do anything to you.”

“Who is it?”

“The Tang family, or, the Liu Family.”

“The Lius? Mrs. Tang’s maiden family?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I will send you to the old house first. During this time, let’s live in the old house, okay?”

She nodded, and he gave the two bodyguards a look. The two bodyguards immediately noticed, closed the doors and windows, and left.

Su Qianci packed up a few simple clothes, but still felt that something was wrong.

“The Tang family has been a mess. Tang Zhenghao’s whereabouts are unknown. Mrs. Tang is still in jail with AIDS. Tang Mengying has been mentally ill and admitted to a mental hospital. Even Tang Mengqing was not allowed to contact Li Weiya by your uncle’s family. Now the Tang family are isolated and helpless. If the Lius are smart, they should know to stay away from the Tang family. Why do the Liu family still want to help Tang Zhenghao?”

After he said that, she was reminded of the mysterious force that had helped Tang Mengying in her previous lifetime. Previously, she thought that it had something to do with Rong Rui, but now Rong Rui was with Cheng You, and there was no reason for Cheng You to betray Li Sicheng. Then, who was behind the mysterious force? Su Qianci frowned, looking at Li Sicheng.

He looked into her eyes, and his eyes were bright. He explained, “There is interest involved. Mrs. Tang married Tang Zhenghao itself for the sake of money. The Liu family have taken orders from the Tang family for many years for the same reason. Although the Tang family is now defeated, the Lius are not involved. As long as they can still benefit from the relationship, they will not stay far from the Tangs.” After a pause, Li Sicheng continued, “Tang Zhenghao is in San Francisco. He has been contacting a gang. When I sent people to track Tang Zhenghao down, they accidentally bumped into their transaction. My people were almost all killed there.”

“Transaction?” Su Qianci had a bad feeling. “Drugs?”

He looked at her, and his eyes became darker as he nodded gently. “Yes. So, this time Tang Zhenghao comes back from San Francisco, he will definitely bring cash or drugs. I have arranged for people to wait for him. As long as he enters Chinese territory, he will be besieged. By then, Tang Zhenghao and the Lius will be taken care of, once and for all.”

Su Qian was a bit shocked. Li Sicheng had always been cool when it came to his enemies. As long as they were still a threat, he would never tolerate it. She did not know whether this was a merit or a shortcoming, and she was troubled with unspeakable concerns.

It seemed that he could see her thoughts. Gently holding her, he whispered, “I don’t want something like this to happen again. There will not be a second time. I want our children to be born and grow up safely.”

“Be careful. I always feel that it will not be so simple.” Su Qianci hugged him back, gazing into his eyes.

Tang Zhenghao was an old fox. Now he had nothing. If he decided to make a desperate attempt, they simply could not afford to risk it.