The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Someone Else Is In The Room..

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“Don’t be impatient. Sir is looking out for you. You should have listened to Captain Li and stopped going to school. Sir could not change your mind, so he had to send a few more people just in case. If something goes wrong, it will be terrible.”

“Got it!” Su Qianci’s appetite was not bad. After eating two bowls of rice, she took her bag and went upstairs. After taking a shower, she heard the sound of breathing in the bedroom. While drying her hair, she walked in the direction of the bed and called, “Darling.”

However, there was no response.

She did not care. Sitting on the bed, she was drying her hair. Taking up the pregnancy guide, she flipped through it. But the breathing was getting louder and louder, so she looked up, and saw no one. Putting the book down, she went into the cloakroom. She called, “Darling?”

It was all dark. She turned on the light, and there was no one. She dried her hair and came out. She looked at the bed again. No one. She opened the door and looked out. Li Sicheng had just opened the door and walked in. Seeing her coming out, his cold face softened.

Su Qianci saw him, felt dazed, and heard the breathing again behind her at the same time. Seeing her look getting more and more strange, he felt odd.

She froze and sobbed for him, “Darling”

Feeling something was off, he quickly came upstairs, taking three stairs at a time. Face to face with her, he found she was covered in cold sweat, and he became stiff.

Su Qianci trembled and whispered, “Someone is in in the room”

Li Sicheng let out a sigh of relief and took her in his arms. “Cheng! De!”

The two bodyguards at the door heard the sound and immediately ran in. Seeing that Li Sicheng was upstairs, the two men rushed up at the same time. Waiting for the bodyguards to come up, Li Sicheng held his wife and stared into the room. The two bodyguards immediately understood, went inside, and searched the entire place.

Li Sicheng walked in with her, and saw Cheng open the curtains in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Suddenly he saw an ugly clown doll posted on the window.

Su Qianci was so scared that she screamed in horror.

He patted her shoulders. “It’s fine. Don’t be afraid…”

The clown doll was a small speaker. When the curtains were pulled open, she heard the breathing sound playing. A bodyguard reached out and took the clown down. After ruling out all the risks, he took it to Li Sicheng. At the same time, De handed a blue book that he had just discovered from the windowsill.

Underneath the clown speaker, there was a post-it with messy writing on it: I heard that your wife is pregnant.

The strange sounds coming from the speaker and this strange note made Li Sicheng’s heart stop. His cold eyes were almost frosted, carrying deadly venom. Cheng and De had not just started working for Li Sicheng, and it was the first time for them to see a master like him. The two looked at each other and stood aside respectfully.

Su Qianci took the blue book and saw the title printed on it: Mother’s Diary. Turning it over, beautiful handwriting was all over the pages. The owner of this book was…Tang Mengying.