The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 493

Chapter 493

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“Think it through. This is Tang Mengying’s child, the Tangs’ child,” Li Sicheng’s voice was very low, as he reached out to caress her hair. “This family’s ungrateful gene is stronger than you think.”

Su Qianci tightened her grip and looked up to him. “At the beginning of a man, his nature is good. I think that the environment is more important than the so-called genetic influence. We’ll educate him well and make him the kid of the Li family, right?”

“You want him to call you mother?” There was a little bit of reluctance on his face. He gazed at her with a pair of deep eyes, whispering, “When he grows up, he may hate you and hate us for harming his biological mother and the Tang family. When he is older, he may want to look for his own biological mother. Is that OK?”

“No, he won’t.” Su Qianci’s voice choked, “I understand this feeling best. Don’t forget Rong Xuan. How is what she did different from Tang Mengying now? Moreover, Tang Mengying is worse than Rong Xuan. I hate Rong Xuan, so when he grows up, he would feel the same way as I do. If we save him now, he will thank us later, right?”

“Don’t underestimate the ungrateful gene in the Tang family, Mrs. Li.”

Su Qianci bowed her head and stopped talking.

Tang Mengying was quickly taken away by the police. In one and a half months, only the Liu family had helped her.

She appealed twice and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted murder.

After the shooting incident in the capital, Li Sicheng went to the Star City and hired a female bodyguard to follow Su Qianci around.

Li Sicheng originally wanted to hire two, but Su Qianci was afraid that it would be too high-profile, and finally chose a girl who was tall and thin, looking ordinary. As a woman who was pregnant for three months, Su Qianci’s symptoms included being a little sleepy, picky of food, and occasionally feeling sick. Otherwise she was normal.

It has been almost a month since school started. She was almost half-awake all the time. After the class, her bodyguard Shuang Yu took her school bag and escorted her home. That day, she was taken directly back to the house in Yu Xiu by Yang.

There were two bodyguards standing at the door, who bowed to her upon seeing her return. Su Qianci had long been accustomed to this, and so she went in without feeling odd. Upon returning home, she smelled the hot and sour fish that Nanny Rong made for her. She put her bag down, sniffed, and went into the kitchen. Almost drooling, she washed her hands and sat down at the table, asking, “What about him?”

Nanny Rong gave her a bowl of rice and said, “Sir hasn’t come back yet. I heard that the company is very busy recently. Right, I heard that Tang Mengying was crazy and was taken into a mental hospital. Did he tell you about it?”

Su Qianci took over the bowl. Slightly dazed, she shook her head. “No, Tang Mengying is really crazy?”

“When I heard him answering the phone in the morning, it seemed she had bitten the warden’s ear off. When she was sent to the mental hospital for a check, they found that she had been crazy for a while. Being bullied in prison, she is now very dangerous.”

“Oh…” Su Qianci muttered, somewhat upset. “He just called and told me that Tang Mengying’s father seemed to be coming back from the United States and asked me to be careful. He will send an extra bodyguard tomorrow.”