The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Killing The Child

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“Sir, Miss Tang is crazy!”

When she arrived at the Kingstown First Hospital, Tang Mengying had been controlled, sedated, and tied to the hospital bed. Unexpectedly, when Tang Mengying saw them, she was not hysterical. Nor did she struggle madly.Gazing at them, she laughed like a psycho. She laughed louder and louder. With morbid madness and calm ridicule.

Looking at Li Sicheng, her eyes had reddened with tears.

Su Qianci felt scared, and Laurel was talking to Li Sicheng, “Early morning, she said that she wanted to eat lotus seed white fungus soup and asked me to make it. I could not leave so I went to buy it. But who knows she ran into the baby incubator, took the child… and smashed him to the ground!”

Su Qianci’s heart leapt, and she asked, “What about the child?”

“I have already sent him to first aid. The initial diagnosis says his bones were broken. He is bruised all over and cried miserably. The baby is a preemie and very weak. It begs question whether he could be rescued or not. How could she act like this as a mother? She’s more like a beast!”

Laurel was very angry, talking while wiping away her tears, “She messed around and got pregnant. The poor baby had terrible luck with a mother like this.”

Tang Mengying listened to this and had no reaction. Beast, unqualified mother. During the time she was lying in the hospital, she heard too much of this. But why, why should she live like this? She was not even treated as well as a beast. Tang Mengying’s eyes were fixed on Li Sicheng. She smiled happily.

Su Qianci’s eyes were wet. Watching Tang Mengying’s confused look, she cursed, “Pervert!”

What had a newborn child ever done to her? Why did she involve the baby in the grievances of the previous generation? Rong Xuan was the kind of person who had made her an orphan. As she put it, Su Qianci was living a more miserable life than a beggar when she was little! Now Tang Mengying was also such a person. What could be wrong with a newborn child?

“Did you call the police?”

Laurel was dazed. Looking at Su Qianci, she nodded. “Yes.”

“Keep an eye on her. She is guilty of attempted murder.” Su Qianci wiped her tears away. “I’ll go see the child. Where is he?”

“Still in the emergency room…” Before she finished, Li Sicheng and Su Qianci had already left the ward.

Tang Mengying closed her eyes and lay in bed.

The child’s shoulder was fractured, and he had been safe for now. But because the child was too weak, it still begged the question as to whether he could truly survive.

Su Qianci heard the doctor’s words, and her tears fell. The child’s facial features were very attractive. His little hands and feet were curled up, and his face was still wet. It seemed that he had nothing to do with Tang Mengying, but that woman gave birth to him.

She looked at the baby in the box and pulled the hand of Li Sicheng. He also looked at him, as if he had seen through everything. She opened her mouth and eventually did not say it. She reached for his waist and whimpered.

“Do you want to adopt him?” The low voice came from the top of her head. Su Qianci heard it and held him tight without speaking.