The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Tang Mengying Is Crazy

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She didn’t want it. She did not. She cried and said, “You are my brother, and this is incest!” He kept her under him without mercy and told her no with his moves. She was his child bride, so she was destined to marry him, wasn’t she?

The loud ringtone woke Rong Xuan up from her dream. Wiping her face, she found it was covered in tears. The mobile phone was still ringing. Picking up, she saw a strange number from Kingstown. She answered, and there was no talking on either side.

After a few seconds, a soft female voice came through. “Do you want to sue him? It is obvious that you were the one who erred first, and he only treated you like that because you provoked him”

“You are at the police station?”


“Give the phone to the police.” Su Qianci was silent for a moment and did nothing, feeling that Rong Xuan would harm Rong Haiyue. “You called to ask me to let it go, right?” Rong Xuan’s smiled, her voice still husky. “Domestic violence is beyond the police’s means and I will not sue him either. Ask them to let him go.”

“Really?” Su Qianci was a bit surprised and handed her phone to an officer. Indeed, after he took the call, he looked at Su Qianci strangely.

When Rong Haiyue came out, it was already in the middle of the night. Su Qianci was so sleepy that she was lying in Li Sicheng’s arms, half asleep. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of Rong Haiyue and felt surprised. “He came out.”

Rong Haiyue saw her little surprised face, and his sharp eyes were filled with sadness. “I’m sorry.” She was perplexed by his sudden apology. “I caused this. If it wasn’t for me, it wouldn’t have been so bad for you. I thought…” With a few whimpers, Rong Haiyue’s eyes were reddish. “I thought she would not do anything to a child no matter how much she hated me. I thought she would have loved her baby. Even after I learned that Anna was not my daughter, I did not say it. I was afraid that she would become angry and leave.”

Hot liquid filled Su Qianci’s eyes and fell.

“If I found out and asked her earlier. You won’t suffer so much. Sorry.”

Li Sicheng held her and listened to Rong Haiyue’s remorse, feeling sorry for both of them. Soon after dawn, Rong Haiyue asked Su Qianci to go to the hospital to do a DNA test. She agreed. Su Qianci had not sleep all night. Rong Haiyue sent people to protect them, and after she got some rest, the couple took a flight back to Kingstown.

After getting off the plane, Li Sicheng received a WeChat message from Rong Haiyue, which is a picture.

The possibility of him being her father was: 99.9999999…%

There was no doubt that Su Qianci and Rong Haiyue were biological father and daughter.

Su Qianci stared at the picture for a long while, her emotions extremely complicated. “Should I tell Daddy Song?”

He gently stroked her hair and whispered, “Do you think it is necessary for him to know?”

“Yes… but it’s too cruel.”

“Let’s go with the flow. He has long known that you are not his biological daughter, and that you are the daughter of Rong Xuan. When the two of them meet, they will naturally know.”


On the seventh day of the lunar new year, Yang had not yet come to work, so Li Sicheng took his wife to take a taxi.

Shortly after getting in the car, he received a call from Laurel. Her voice was rushed. “Sir, Miss Tang is crazy!”