The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 490

Chapter 490 The Dream More Than 20 Years Ago

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Rong Xuan seemed to be in a bad mood, and Rong Anna could only see her back. Rong Xuan directly entered her room and locked her door.

God knows why! For so many years, she always felt that Rong Xuan was living in a bubble. Refusing to communicate with others and rejecting anyone’s entry, including her husband and daughter. Rong Anna didn’t care, sat down, and continued to play the game.

Rong Xuan threw herself on the bed, her neck still hurting. As her body bounced, there was a burst of pain. Picking up the mirror on the nightstand, she saw the shocking purple mark. This was Rong Haiyue’s doing. The man who had always wanted to please her and make her stay did this. He really wanted to kill her. Lying on the bed, her heart was terribly empty, as if something had come out of her heart that had contained nothing for more than 20 years, quietly, silently.

Looking at the ceiling, she saw the face of Rong Haiyue in front of her eyes, with a careful smile and humble concern, which she had under her feet for more than twenty years. After a long while, she laughed. “He deserves it.”


She did not know how many years had passed since she had had this dream. In her dream, she was wearing a red bridal gown and sitting on the bed shyly. The matchmaker in the town kept talking with her from the early hours of the morning and taught her many things. Rong Xuan smiled shyly. Thinking of marrying that person, she couldn’t help but feel sweet. Finally, they could be together. Although they couldn’t get a marriage certificate yet, this was not a problem at all, was it?

However, a figure suddenly appeared outside the window. Rong Xuan thought she was seeing things, but when he spoke, she realized it was him. He found her! What was her reaction at the time? Like falling into an ice hole, cold inside and out. She could not move. The matchmaker was saying auspicious words outside, and Rong Xuan lied to her and said she was going to look for something and come back soon.

Rong Haiyue took her to the riverside. He said, “Come back with me, Rong Xuan. Mom doesn’t have a lot of days to live. She only wants to see me get married. Come back with me and grant her last wish, will you?”

Rong Xuan forgot what she had said and which sentence had angered Rong Haiyue. There was a cement road that had just been repaired, a large piece of grassland yet to be leveled. He pulled her into the tall grass. She cried no. However, every “brother” she shouted out deeply triggered his anger. He plunged into her with no mercy. And when he realized that she had lost her virginity, he was even more furious.

“Xuan!” It was Song Yifan, he came to look for her.

Rong Haiyue choked her and gnashed his teeth. “Shout out loud. Show him what you are doing and see if he will still have you.”

After all, she didn’t dare to make a sound. Rong Haiyue didn’t move either. The two held their breath. After Song Yifan went away, he pressed her down mercilessly and ravished her madly. After he was done, Rong Xuan was defeated.

Sobbing and running away, she was caught by him in his borrowed car. He tied her up and stuffed her into the car, driving back to the capital. He locked her in the warehouse. If she was obedient, he would be gentle. When she was disobedient, he forced her to obey his commands. He said, “Give me a child so that my mother can go with peace of mind, will you?”