The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 489

Chapter 489 What Do You Know

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Rong Xuan’s attitude not only irritated Rong Haiyue. At this moment, even Li Sicheng couldn’t wait to throw this woman into the sea to feed the fish! Su Qianci was standing in the distance, watching her sober but cold so-called mother. All the illusions that she had held disappeared. Why was she doing this? A man who was so good as Rong Haiyue– even from his conversations, Su Qianci could see that he loved his wife and daughter a lot. But why could such a woman still get his love? Su Qianci could not understand, but what was even more confusing was why Rong Xuan had treated her like this. At that time, she was still a baby. She was placed at the entrance of the orphanage during the National Day holiday. What if no one found her? Then she would be dead now.

Feeling her gaze, Rong Xuan got up from the floor, stumbled, and her usual grace and calmness recovered quickly. After straightening her hair and clothes, Rong Xuan took her purse and walked out of the door. Her legs were straight, and her pace was calm. Her elegance belonged to a lady who came out of the comics. It was as if the woman who just revenged Rong Haiyue hysterically was not her.

A police officer blocked her way. “Ma’am, you need to go back and do a statement with us, and the wound on your neck needs to be dealt with.”

Rong Haiyue had been controlled by the police. Looking at her back and taking a deep breath, he looked up at the ceiling, not letting the tears fall.

Rong Xuan pushed the policeman away Indifferently and said, “no, just deal with that person. It is best to put him in jail for ten years and dismiss him, hehe…”

“Rong Xuan!” Su Qianci couldn’t bear it. She walked up quickly. Li Sicheng was shocked and shouted, “be careful.”

Su Qianci ignored him and walked to face Rong Xuan. She exclaimed angrily, “you are a psychopath, a crazy person, an ungrateful pervert! Is Rong Haiyue not good to you? He loves you so much. Why are you doing this to him!”

Looking at her coldly, Rong Xuan chuckled at her for a long while and said with her hoarse voice, “you don’t know s**t.” After that, she reached out and pushed her away, walking forward elegantly.

Su Qianci felt she had punched into cotton. Her anger was not vented but became worse. She stomped her foot and turned around, but quickly came back again. When she was about to speak, she saw Rong Xuan’s tears. In those eyes that were very similar to her own, there were deep emotions hidden, like regret, epiphany, and pain, all exposed in front of her. However, Rong Xuan immediately wiped away the tears, bypassing her and striding away.

Su Qianci was dumbfounded, watching the two police officers get ready to take Rong Haiyue away. She was suffocated. Why? Rong Haiyue did not do anything wrong.

Rong Anna was playing a game at home. The door was opened, followed by the clicking of high heels.

Rong Anna knew who it was without looking at it. She did not lift her head and asked, “Mom, are you back? Where is Dad?”

No one responded. When she was killed in the game, Rong Anna stood up in anger and looked at Rong Xuan.