The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 488

Chapter 488 This Is Your Daughter More Miserable Than A Beggar

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Rong Haiyue’s voice was a bit loud, attracting a policeman’s attention. Rong Xuan immediately closed the door and locked it. There were only four of them in the room, two couples. Rong Haiyue looked at Rong Xuan, like watching a mad woman. He reached out to grab her arm and gazed at her with his bloodshot eyes, asking slowly, “back in the days, you were really pregnant and gave birth to my daughter, but you abandoned her, right?”

Rong Xuan looked at him with pity and did not speak. This attitude was undoubtedly a testimony to Rong Haiyue’s conjecture. Rong Haiyue became silent and suddenly laughed. “And where did Anna come from? Anna is not your daughter, nor my daughter. What about her biological parents?”

“Dead.” Rong Rong’s voice was a little husky, with an imperceptible whimper. “I found her under a bridge. Her mother was holding Anna when her own body was still bleeding, asking me to save her daughter. I picked her up. However, her mother did not survive.” She chuckled and looked at Rong Haiyue with pity. “Her mother told me that she became pregnant after being raped. How miserable is that? A bastard, hehe…”

Rong Haiyue’s heart was shredded into pieces. An unspeakable pain exploded. Raising his big hand, he slapped on her face.

Rong Xuan was caught off guard, lost her balance, and fell to the ground. The face that was slapped became swollen in an instant, burning. She was a bit dumbstruck looking at the face of Rong Haiyue, who had treated her like the apple of his eye for more than 20 years.

Su Qianci was shocked and let out a yelp.

Looking at the hatred in Rong Haiyue’s eyes, Rong Xuan suddenly laughed loudly. “You hit me? Rong Haiyue, you actually hit me? Ha ha ha… Can’t stand it? Do you know, when she was young and hungry, I went to buy two buns, threw them on the ground, and asked her to go and pick it up. She really went. Oh… I really laughed at the time. I should have taken pictures to let you see that the daughter of Rong Haiyue was more miserable than a beggar, while you were feeding a bastard that came out of nowhere and treating her like a princess. You…”

Before Rong Xuan could finish, she was unable to pronounce another syllable.

Rong Haiyue grabbed her neck with a big hand. Her face was completely flushed, and her eyes were moist, but he had no pity. He wanted to kill her!

Li Sicheng was shocked and immediately went to pull him away, but Rong Haiyue was already irrational at the moment and his strength was incredible.

Rong Xuan’s face became blue. She was pinching his hands and kicking her legs.

“No, don’t!” Su Qianci shouted and immediately opened the door. “Help! Officers! Where are you?”

There were two policemen stationed outside. They immediately ran into the room. Seeing what had happened, they pulled Rong Haiyue away together with the help of Li Sicheng.

Rong Xuan’s neck was already bruised, looking quite horrible.

Rong Haiyue was pulled away, red-eyed and screaming, trying to throw himself at Rong Xuan again. He yelled hysterically, “Rong Xuan, what did I owe you? Why must you do this to me?”

Holding her painful throat, Rong Xuan sneered. Her voice was hoarse but very cold. She said, “you deserve it!”