The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Been Lied To For Over 20 Years By Her

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“Darling, let’s go back to Kingstown.” Su Qianci snuffled. “I regret it. If I knew something like this would happen, I wouldn’t have come to the capital in the first place. I was driven out and almost died.”

“Yes, let’s go back.” Li Sicheng gently stroked her hair, and said softly, “don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen again.” Suddenly, his cell phone rang. It was Luo Zhan. “Hello?”

“It is not that guy. That guy hasn’t returned to China yet, and none of your enemies are in the capital. Just to be sure, I have all screened their call records. All clear. In addition, wasn’t it a random decision that you went to the capital? Only the family knew, right? Even those people have three heads and six arms, they can’t reach that far. Can you recall who would have the motive other than those names you just gave me?”

The phone was placed between Li Sicheng and Su Qianci. She also heard this clearly. She frowned and pondered for a long while before she said a name, “Tang Mengying.”

“Tang Mengying is not discharged from the Kingstown First Hospital yet. And she did not have communication tools. Laurel is ‘caring’ for her, and no other person is in contact with her. She can’t have a second Rong Rui to assist her, right?” Luo Zhan said.

Li Sicheng’s eyes flashed as he looked at Rong Haiyue in front of him. Rong Haiyue couldn’t hear the content of their call, but seeing the eyes of Li Sicheng, he felt some ominous premonitions.

“Check Rong Rui’s current location, call history, where he has been in the last two days, and report it to me.”


When hearing Rong Rui’s name, Rong Haiyue looked a bit solemn. He said, “Rong Rui is my nephew.”

“I know.” Li Sicheng responded quietly. “Now, I am mainly skeptical about the motives of your family. First, Rong Rui did everything possible against us. Now we come to the capital, almost no one knows that but you, but still something like that happened. Even you won’t believe that it’s an accident, right? Major General?”

“I have no motivation to do this. You know, if I wanted to let her die, I wouldn’t have saved her in the beginning,” Rong Haiyue said hurriedly, looking at Li Sicheng. “She is probably my biological daughter. How can I think about killing her?”

Su Qianci heard the words, looked up at him, and immediately looked behind him. Rong Xuan stood there, gazing at her with a complicated look.

“Rong Haiyue, you are overthinking this. She is Song Yifan’s daughter, and your daughter is called Rong Anna. You named her yourself. Have you forgotten?” Rong Xuan said.

“She is the same age as Anna.” Rong Haiyue looked back at her. “And, do you really think that I don’t know? Anna has nothing to do with me. I didn’t say it just to give you face, Rong Xuan!”

“Hehe…” Rong Xuan suddenly changed her expression and looked coldly at Rong Haiyue. “Did you do a paternity test?”

“Yes, I did it when Anna was four or five years old. I also checked your DNA. She has no biological relationship with you either. I thought you were never pregnant, that you were just lying to me and trying to avoid giving birth.”Rong Haiyue looked at her, and his eyes gradually reddened. “I was in the army at the time. I was convinced by the letters you wrote. Now it seems that I have been lied to for more than twenty years.”