The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Rong Xuan Wants To Kill Me?

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It was a bright green window that obscured his sight. Nothing could be seen.

Su Qianci grabbed his clothes and desperately pulled him outside. “Go, go!”

Li Sicheng turned and took her into his arms, quickly walking out. “Don’t be afraid. Everything’s fine.”

The hotel manager quickly rushed over. Seeing them like this, he immediately asked what had happened.

“Call the police.”

“What?” The hotel manager was a little dumbstruck. “Sir, what happened…”

“Call the police. Do you hear me!” Li Sicheng barked. Su Qianci shuddered more in his arms. He turned to her and his voice became soft. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Her hands were shaking a little. She suddenly looked up, looked into his eyes, and sobbed, “She wants to kill me, right? Is it Rong Xuan? Does she want to kill me?”

“Don’t think about it. If she wants to kill you, why wait until now?” He patted her back, whispering, “It’s okay. Wait for the police to investigate.”

A tall figure walked slowly into a rather chic caf and sat down across a pretty woman. She asked absentmindedly, “How did it go?”

“Failed. That person’s reaction was much faster than I expected.”

“Then what? If we are recognized by her or caught by those people, we will both die!”

The tall man chuckled. “Oh, my fiancee, you are doubting my IQ.”

“Did you switch out the bullets?”

“Of course.” The tall man smiled gracefully, his voice was extremely low, and even his lips were hardly moving. “There is a big man who is coming back from San Francisco with great wealth.”

When Rong Haiyue arrived, Li Sicheng and Su Qianci had already finished their statements and were protected. She was obviously frightened, not letting go of Li Sicheng. She saw Rong Haiyue coming over and looked a bit absent-minded.

“Are you okay?” Rong Haiyue approached her and asked in a low voice.

Li Sicheng gently shook his head and looked at him with a complicated expression.

“Where is Rong Xuan?” Su Qianci asked. “Where was she in the afternoon?”

Rong Haiyue was dazed. “She has been at home since you left…” He said and thought of something. “You think it was her? Impossible,” Rong Haiyue said resolutely with a firm look.

“Back in the days, she had the heart to leave a newborn baby at the entrance of the orphanage. Now I suddenly appeared and ruined her life after so many years.” Su Qianci looked into Rong Haiyue’s eyes with sadness. “Besides her, I can’t think of anyone who wants me to die.”

Every shot was aimed at her! The bullet penetrated the French window and the chair. If it had hit her, she would probably be dead now. Everyone was afraid of death, especially Su Qianci, who had already died once.

After clearly seeing her fear and distrust, Rong Haiyue opened his mouth but did not say a word. The sound of high heels came close. Rong Haiyue turned to look. A slender royal blue figure stopped behind them. That face was 80% similar to Su Qianci’s. As she looked at them, there was an unclear meaning in her eyes.