The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Dangerous Familiarity

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Grandma Song asked her that while crying. The grey-haired old lady with a hunchback and mild dementia had not forgotten about Rong Xuan a bit.

Have you ever regretted it?

When Rong Xuan heard this, it seemed that she was not touched at all. Glancing at Su Qianci, she sneered, “why should I regret it? Song Yifan is not willing to marry again. But what does it have to do with me? Without me, everyone else is still having a good time. Why am I to blame for the Song family’s downfall? Go back and tell Song Yifan, Rong Xuan owes him nothing!”

Despite that she had expected this, Su Qianci still felt cold hearing that. Not worth it, it was so not worth it! The woman whom Song Yifan, Sheng Ximing, and Grandma Song had kept in mind for more than twenty years of life turned out to be someone like this! Anger burned in Su Qianci’s heart as she bristled. “You are so ungrateful! If my father and grandma did not take you in, do you think you could have survived?”

Rong Xuan’s hand twitched slightly. She took a deep breath, turned aside, and said in a soft but cold voice, “you can’t put it like that. I did give them a child, didn’t I?”


“You are the blood of the Song family, aren’t you?” Rong Xuan interrupted her and looked at her coldly. “Go back. I have family affairs to deal with.”

No, she was not. She was not the daughter of Song Yifan at all, and there was no biological relationship between them.

Su Qianci was about to refute, but Li Sicheng gave her a pull. “Let’s go.” His pair of eyes were as bright as the stars and the moon. He had something to say to her. Su Qianci saw it, said nothing, turned, and left.

Before they went far, they heard the voice of Rong Xuan’s cold voice, “Rong Haiyue, are you enjoying this?”

“Rong Xuan is lying. She is deceiving Rong Haiyue,” Su Qianci grabbed Li Sicheng’s hand and bristled. “She clearly knows that I am not biologically related to daddy, but she did not let me finish talking and drove me away. Am I…”

Was she actually the daughter of Rong Haiyue? Their current daughter, Rong Anna, actually didn’t look very much like either of them. Rong Haiyue and Rong Xuan’s features were both exquisite and compact, while Rong Anna’s facial features were somewhat more chiseled, a bit like a girl from an ethnic minority.

“She is lying,” Li Shicheng went out and whispered. “A DNA test would be enough to prove whether it’s true or not. I think Rong Haiyue had already guessed the truth, and he will do something.”

“No, I just came to say thank you, not to find my father.” Su Qianci rubbed the corner of her shirt. “If I’m not his daughter, it will be fine. But if I am really the daughter of Rong Haiyue, what about Daddy Song?”

“I don’t think this is what you should be worried about,” Li Sicheng said ambiguously, looking in the direction of the Rongs’ gate.

Rong Anna had already run out. Just then, there was a sports car passing behind them. Su Qianci turned and saw a tall figure walking out of the car. Her pupils suddenly shrank, as she vaguely felt a dangerous familiarity. The man seemed to feel her gaze and turned to look at her. At the moment he saw Su Qianci, he was slightly surprised. But he quickly smiled. “Hey.”