The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Its That Woman Rong Xuan

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“Be careful.” Li Sicheng stopped her. “We’ll talk about it later.”

“Okay!” Su Qianci followed him off the airplane. After the two took the luggage, they got a car and went to the hotel they had booked. The weather in the north was cold, and all the trees were leafless. Looking ahead, it was foggy and grey. This was the legendary smog.

Su Qianci looked back and saw that he was actually searching for the child’s nickname with his mobile phone. She took a look and said, “I thought of another one: Xiao Si, Xiao Cheng.”

Xiao Cheng? Li Sicheng chuckled and turned off the phone. He said, “Xiao Cheng, Xiao Si?”


“How about Da Su, Er Su?”

“No, that sounds like uncles, so hard on the ears.”

The driver chuckled. She blushed and nudged Li Sicheng. “A different one.”

“We are here. Let’s get out first and talk about it later.” He opened the door and took her hand. It was a hotel. He carried the luggage and walked inside with Su Qianci. After the couple checked into a suite, they had some lunch and went to the home address that Rong Haiyue had provided.

The place where Rong Haiyue lived belonged to the Capital Military Region. The hotel where they stayed was the best hotel near his home. The couple bought some gifts before they went in that direction.

Suddenly, Su Qianci inadvertently turned back and saw a white BMW with a smooth silhouette. The profile of the driver looked very familiar. There was a little traffic jam on the road, and the cars were particularly slow. Gazed at by Su Qianci, the driver noticed it and look back. Seeing it was her, Rong Xuan was dazed before she looked away and rolled the window up to block her sight.

“What’s wrong?” Li Sicheng whispered, noticing that she stopped walking.

“Did you see that woman?” Su Qianci pointed at the BMW. “She is Rong Xuan.”

Li Sicheng saw the car, and his eyes became dim. He gently pulled her. “We are almost there. Let’s go.”

Rong Haiyue was watching his daughter practice shooting in the backyard. Receiving the phone call from Li Sicheng, he felt incredibly surprised. “Anna, let’s go. We have guests.”

“Where are we going?” Rong Anna put the gun down and followed him.

“To the gate. I will lead them here.” Rong Haiyue looked very happy, walking fast. Rong Anna had not seen Rong Haiyue so happy in a long time. The last time he was in such a good mood, it was a few years ago when her mother randomly bought him a scarf…

“You’re here?” When Rong Haiyue opened the door, he saw Li Sicheng and Su Qianci standing in the distance and talking. Seeing Rong Haiyue, Li Sicheng took Su Qianci’s hand and walked up.

“Mr. Rong,” Su Qianci called. Seeing Rong Anna behind Rong Haiyue, she greeted, “Hello, Miss Rong.”

When Rong Anna saw Su Qianci’s face, she immediately recognized her. With some mysterious emotions in her charming eyes, she seemed to be a little surprised. “Yes. It is you?”

Su Qianci did not know whether it was her imagination when she felt like Anna was looking at her a little weirdly. Was it because she looked like Rong Xuan? She just smiled and nodded.