The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 481

Chapter 481 The Name

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Su Qianci slept very well, but still she could not get enough sleep. It was absolutely terrible to be woken up early in the morning. Feeling Li Sicheng’s hand pinching her nose, she frowned and hit his hand. But it was caught firmly and used to lift her up. She opened her eyes, pouting. After seeing him, she bowed her head. “I am so sleepy.”

“Get on the plane and sleep then.” Li Sicheng pulled her up. “Today, we must go to the capital. Have you forgotten?”

“No… Not today, let’s go tomorrow.” She buried herself in the blanket again.

He couldn’t help but smile. “You will say this tomorrow. Get up, I will get you dressed.”

“Hey…” She hung herself on him. “I will puke on the plane.”

“You told Rong Haiyue we would arrive this afternoon, yesterday. Are you going to break your promise?”

After hearing this, she finally straightened her body and stretched her arms to let him undress her.

He tapped on her nose. “Getting more and more lazy.” Although he said that, he still patiently helped her change. She did not even open her eyes the entire time. “Alright.”

“Oh!” Su Qianci immediately opened her eyes and went to the bathroom. After she finished washing, Li Sicheng had already prepared her luggage, a bag, and a small suitcase with clothes. “Let’s go.”

“Wait. I’ll do my makeup.”

“No, no makeup. Pregnant women should stay away from these things.”

“But my complexion is awful. Look at my face!” she complained. “Pale and dim and ugly.”

“Not ugly. You look better than many people with makeup.”



“Then I will use some lipstick at least.”

Li Sicheng simply went up and took her lipstick away. Lifting her up with a big hand, he exclaimed, “let’s go! Breakfast and then on the way.”

She pouted, but she was overpowered by him. She had to give up. After breakfast, they took a taxi to the airport. On the plane, she couldn’t sleep and called, “darling.”


“I have a stronger feeling that our babies may really be twins. Last night, I dreamt that a little boy took a little girl to ask me to play. They asked that you give them their names.”

He heard her words and turned his head. The face that had always been cold cracked with a smile. “Me?”

“Yes!” She looked at him expectantly. “The official names will of course come from grandpa. You can give them nicknames.”

Li Sicheng heard her words and pondered for a moment. Su Qianci said eagerly, “How about, Li Dabao, Li Erbao?”

He glanced at her after a moment of silence.

“Then, Li Baobao, Li Beibei?” She gave him another option. “Isn’t the average child’s nickname like this?”

“Lie down for a while. Let me think about it.” Obviously, he did not appreciate the names she came up with.

Pouting, she snuggled down under the blanket and turned her back to him. Li Sicheng smiled and started to think about it, leaning against the back of the seat. It was a three-hour flight between Kingston and the capital. When they arrived at the Capital International Airport, it was already noon.

Her mood was unexpectedly good. As soon as the plane landed, she excitedly unbuckled herself and asked him, “have you thought of something?”