The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 480

Chapter 480 How About My Place?

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“Well, I am home. Go back.” Luo Zhan waved at him, reached into his trouser pocket, and suddenly stopped.

Lu Yihan saw his reaction. “What happened?”

Luo Zhan searched all his pockets and then he said in an upset tone, “I don’t seem to have the key.”

Lu Yihan looked at the time. It was already past 12 o’clock in the morning. “So late, can you find the lock? There is no hotel nearby, so do you want to crash at my place for a night?”

“Go to your home?”

“Well, just as a thank you for letting me stay last time.”

“Tut… let’s go!”

Luo Zhan paced over. When arriving at Lu Yihan’s apartment, Luo Zhan realized that their places were very close. It took less than 10 minutes walking.

As soon as he entered the door, Luo Zhan was amazed. A shoe cabinet was at the door. Nice sneakers and leather shoes were placed neatly. Further inside, the white sofa was as clean as new. A bowl of a fruit and a laptop were placed on the coffee table. The white dining table was covered with an elegant tablecloth. There was even a vase in the center of the tablecloth, with two green roses in it, looking and smelling fresh. On the wall of the living room, there were framed photos. Lu Yihan himself, Su Qianci, his working partners, and his old pictures when he was in school uniforms. Yu Lili was also in it.

After walking around, Luo Zhan entered the kitchen and found that almost the entire place was clean and spotless. All the utensils in the kitchen were buckled on the shelf. He opened the refrigerator, got himself a bottle of Coke, and took a sip. Walking out, he claimed, “hey, is this a man’s home? Do you live alone?”

“Yeah.” Lu Yihan saw his expression and gave him back the clothes from last time. “Do you think everyone lives in a dog’s den?”

Luo Zhan took them, smelled the fragrance on the clothes, and had a complicated look on his face. “Compared to yours, mine is really a dog’s den!” There were not even comparable!

Lu Yihan raised his eyebrows as if saying “of course.” Then he said, “I am going to clean up a room for you. Go shower first.”

“Excellent!” Luo Zhan finally experienced the pleasure of being a guest. But when he was about to enter the bathroom, an urgent reminder suddenly popped on his phone.

“Warning: Prey in the trap. Reel in.”

Luo Zhan raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself, “It’s finally here.” He shouted, “Lu Yihan, I need to use your computer!”

“Okay, just don’t delete my stuff.”

Getting his approval, Luo Zhan immediately turned on the computer and entered the trap that he had already set for that person. About ten minutes later, Luo Zhan downloaded all the information and sent it to Li Sicheng before he gave him a call. It was already one o’clock in the morning, and Li Sicheng seemed to have fallen asleep. It took him a while to answer the call.

Luo Zhan quickly said, “last time you asked me to find Tang Zhenghao, remember?”

Li Sicheng was originally sleepy, but he suddenly became wide-awake. “Found him?”

“Yes, he finally used that card, and I just captured his position, in San Francisco, USA.”

“If this is the case, then black out all his available funds and let the news go out.”

“So soon?” Luo Zhan was surprised.

“Well, she is pregnant, so I don’t want there to be any accidents. The earlier I deal with the Tang family, the sooner I can get peace of mind.” Although the Tang family had destroyed, it would be too risky to keep Tang Zhenghao at large. Instead of reacting passively, it was better to take the initiative. You could control the whole situation smoothly, only if you started with a strong hand.

Knowing him well, Luo Zhan nodded and did not argue. “Got it, leave it to me.”

“Good work.” Li Sicheng said the last sentence, hung up, and sneaked back into the room quietly.

Sound asleep, Su Qianci vaguely knew it was him, and threw an arm around him unconsciously, her breathing still even and steady. He smiled and reached out to pull the hair on her forehead away. She had become completely accustomed to his existence.

That was nice.