The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 479

Chapter 479 There Is A Girl Whom I Loved For Eight Years

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“Well,” Lu Yihan took up his chopsticks and picked up some meat. He chewed and said, “when you become a transgender and finish all the plastic surgeries, we can see if I am blind at the time. What if you are lucky?”

“S**t! Look in my face, do I need to have any plastic surgeries? Do I?” Luo Zhan pointed at his face and asked gloomily.

Lu Yihan held the bottle of beer for a long time, before he nodded seriously. “Very much so.”

Luo Zhan: “…I am not going to love…”

“Then go die.”

“But I haven’t married a girl yet.”

“Forget it. There are not many girls who are that confused in this world.”

“Can’t you comfort me?”

“Well…” Lu Yihan also realized that he may have been too mean. He hesitated and said, “in fact, there are still quite a few confused girls.”

Luo Zhan almost left. Su Qianci and Yu Lili were both laughing hard. Looking at the two guys, the girls exchanged a look. After the meal, people quickly parted ways.

Luo Zhan and Lu Yihan both drank a lot. After the other two guys went home with their wives, the two brothers in woe also hugged each other and stumbled home.

Lu Yihan patted Luo Zhan on the shoulder, full of sympathy on his drunken face. “Both of us being strangers here, both of us stranded!”

“A branch of red apricot comes out of the wall!”

Lu Yihan couldn’t help but smile. “Have you read any books?”

“Tut, you think you’re a genius to know some ancient poems? I also knew these when I was im elementary school!”

“Honestly, you have lived for twenty-seven years and never had a girlfriend?”


“I really suspect that you are gay. Stay away from me,” he said, reaching out and pushing him away.

Luo Zhan approached him again, standing on his toes and putting an arm around his shoulder. “And I suspect that you are gay! You are so handsome, so why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“You finally admit that I am better looking than you?”

“A little bit.”


“you have not answer my question yet.”

“Well… there is a girl. I have loved her for eight years.”

“She does not like you?”

“No, I didn’t tell her.” Lu Yihan looked the distance. “She’s so pure that she is a little dumb. If I don’t say it, she won’t understand.”

“Hey, you thought I couldn’t see it? You like Li Sicheng’s wife, right? The girl you have loved for eight years is Su Qianci, right?”

“How do you know?”

“Come on. I’m not blind. You were staring at her whenever you could. Whatever you did, you asked her first. Even fools could see it.”

“Really… I am used to it, and it has always been this way. She used to say that I am her best friend.”

“Poor thing…” Luo Zhan sympathized with him. “Why didn’t you tell her? Maybe if you did, she would have chosen you?”

Hearing that, Lu Yihan was dazed and immediately smiled bitterly. “My family is poor. I thought I would pursue her after having my own career. However, I didn’t expect… she got married so quickly.”

Luo Zhan was more sympathetic toward him, patting his shoulder. “It’s not because you were too slow, but because Captain Li was too fast. He directly asked Li Sicheng to marry her before he was even ready to get married. Not your fault.”