The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Come On Ravish Me

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Her voice was so low that only the two of them could hear it. Lu Yihan became slightly stiff, raised his eyes, and saw her expression. He knew that she had discovered it. His face burning, he no longer tried to be polite and pushed her. “Mr. Ou, please take her back.”

Ou Ming raised his eyebrows and looked at Yu Lili. Yu Lili snorted and walked back in the direction of Ou Ming.

Only five minutes later, the banana in front of her was almost gone. Su Qianci pinched Li Sicheng anxiously and asked, “what should I do?” He smiled and took last piece of banana all in his mouth. She was wide-eyed, but before she said anything, Li Sicheng took her in his arms, grabbed her head with his big hand, and fed it to her mouth to mouth. Gazing at him, she took a bite of the banana. Li Sicheng ate the rest of it, and then sucked on her lips and deepened the kiss.

However, after the banana disappeared, Li Sicheng still did not let go. Instead, he pinned her on the back of the sofa, his arms wrapped around her waist. Fierce as always. Hot and wild.

Luo Zhan the single dog had a heartache and shouted, “hey, hey, that’s quite enough!”

Rong Rui was unconsciously looking at Cheng You. He saw that Cheng You was looking at them with her hands wrung. Her little face was blushing. It seemed that she became aware of Rong Rui’s gaze. She glanced at him and immediately looked away after seeing his amber-colored eyes.

Su Qianci was almost out of breath. When Li Sicheng released her, she was lying in front of him, panting.

Luo Zhan checked the time and felt speechless. “Exactly 10 minutes.”

Li Sicheng put an arm around her and whispered with a smirk, “how do you feel?”

Su Qianci looked up and hit him. “so many people…”

He smiled. “Let’s go back, close the door and continue.”

Her face burned even more, and she immediately covered it up.

He smiled, reached out and turned the bottle again. Finally, it pointed at the only person who had not been chosen Cheng You.

She cleared her throat and thought for a moment. “Well…”

“Dare!” Luo Zhan gazed at her with his eyes lighting up. “Miss Cheng, there are many juicy topics for truth. Pick dare! You are not seeing anyone, so it should be alright!”

Cheng You originally wanted to take truth, but after hearing what he said, he sounded reasonable and picked dare. Luo Zhan was overjoyed and read the instruction out, “pick anyone of the opposite sex, sit in his or her lap and give him or her a hot kiss.” After reading it, Luo Zhan felt that life was good. God, there was his spring! Happiness came so suddenly that he was not ready yet. Wait, don’t show it! Luo Zhan looked at Cheng You, his eyes glowing.

Cheng You smiled, checked the words on the card, and threw a punch on the head of Luo Zhan without mercy. “Bastard! You tricked me!”

Luo Zhan protected his head and mourned, but he soon moved excitedly to her side and said, “No, you should believe that this is our destiny. With a handsome man like me next to you, even God wants you to choose me. Cheng You, come on, look at me, I am ready! I am willing!”

As he said that, he opened his arms to Cheng You with the sorrowful feeling of a hero in a tragedy, but he could not help but smile.