The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Luo Zhans Dare

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“We don’t care. Now get to it!” Ou Ming waved his hand and said. “Do you want to bail?”

Luo Zhan felt like his heart was cold and hurting. He sat back down. Facing the gloating or anticipating looks of everyone, he curled his legs up and made his eyes watery, putting one hand across his chest. Biting his lower lip, he caressed his leg in a way he thought to be attractive. “Ah…oh…”

“Ha ha ha ha…” Su Qianci laughed out loud in her husband’s arms, and Li Sicheng also smiled and looked at Luo Zhan.

“Oh… ah…” Luo Zhan also touched his head and made a long and windy moan. “Hmm~”

“This is so tough on my eyes. Enough!” Lu Yihan could not bear to watch it, covering his own eyes.

But Luo Zhan deliberately continued in order to disturb him, calling louder, “ow! Oh! Ah! Hee…”

“What the hell, where do these strange sounds come from?” Ou Ming waved his hand. “Enough. Don’t harm our ears.”

Yu Lili laughed and leaned on the sofa, her stomach sore.

Cheng You was grinning and squatting, and eventually she couldn’t help but fall sideways.

Rong Rui saw that she had inadvertently leaned against him, curled his lips, and pretended to notice nothing, looking in the direction of Luo Zhan.

Seeing that, Luo Zhan immediately sat straight and pulled Cheng You up. “All right now. Sit up like a lady!”

Then he turned the bottle again. This time, it was Yu Lili.

She was still laughing. Seeing everyone look at her, she realized what had happened and said, “dare!”

“Use all you got to seduce anyone other than your partner on site and sit in his or her lap for one round.”

“Seduce?” Yu Lili raised her eyebrows. “Apart from my partner?”


Su Qianci asked, “seduce how?”

“No.” Ou Ming snorted and said, “get a new one.”

“That can’t be done. The rules must be followed, or it will be boring.” Luo Zhan retaliated. “Hey, Yu Lili, who do you want to seduce?”

Yu Lili stood up and looked around, her eyes first fell on Li Sicheng.

Su Qianci immediately covered the face of Li Sicheng like a protective hen and shouted, “No!”

Li Sicheng curled his lips and took her hand down, nodding. “No.”

Yu Lili shrugged and then walked over to Lu Yihan, who was opposite her.

Ou Ming grabbed her hand, his beautiful eyes filled with venom. She felt a bit spooked, but… this might be her only chance. Yu Lili still got rid of his hand and said, “it’s just a game. Don’t get serious.”

Lu Yihan saw her coming towards him and felt anxious. Glancing at Ou Ming, he cleared his throat. “Lili, would you get a new card?” Lu Yihan could not afford to cross someone as powerful as Ou Ming at this point. What if Ou Ming misunderstood that he wanted to steal his woman? Yu Lili came straight up, pushed his shoulders backward and leaned down herself. One of her legs curled up between his knees.

Seeing such a hot scene, Su Qianci stared, her eyes wide. “For real?”

Ou Ming’s fist clenched tight, as he glared at the red dress of Yu Lili from the back.

Eat a Banana for 10 Minutes

Yu Lili also knew that from the line. Staring at Lu Yihan for several seconds, she noticed the shock and horror in Lu Yihan’s eyes. Yu Lili curled her red lips and then licked them with her tongue, gazing at him and then squinting.

“Yu Lili!” Ou Ming couldn’t bear it, stood up and growled.

Yu Lili straightened her body up and turned to look at him. “Just a joke. What are you worried about?” She then sat on Lu Yihan’s thighs, took the bottle and turned it.

This time, it was Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng chose dare this time and gave the card to Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan read the instruction, “feed a banana to your partner for ten minutes.”

Fortunately, it was not something hard-core. Su Qianci was slightly relieved, but… For some reason, Yu Lili laughed out loud, and so did Luo Zhan. “Eat a banana for ten minutes, Su Qianci!”

Su Qianci was a little dumbstruck and said, “what are you laughing at?”

Isn’t it just a banana?

“Ten minutes, a banana, ten minutes.” Luo Zhan rubbed his hands together and fetched a few bananas. “Come on.”

Li Sicheng took a look at him and said, “She’s shy. How about I let her feed it to me?”

“No! It would be boring!” Yu Lili said. “Let Su Qianci do it, I haven’t seen her ‘eat bananas’.”

After hearing their conversation, Su Qianci suddenly realized that what they meant and immediately blushed. “You…”

Li Sicheng took over a banana and quickly peeled it. “Come.”

Su Qianci blushed and stared at the banana for a long time.

“The timing starts. Su Qianci, you have to eat this one for ten minutes.”

Su Qianci opened her mouth, put the tip of the banana to her mouth, and took a small bite. However, although it was a small bite, it was already one tenth of the banana. How could it be eaten for ten minutes?

“Don’t stop. Continue!” Luo Zhan shouted.

Su Qianci chewed, glanced up and down, and took another bite.

Li Sicheng’s lips were more and more curled, and he whispered, “you can swallow more and then spit it out.”

Su Qianci immediately understood what he meant and punched at him. She took another bite, and in less than two minutes, more than half of the banana was gone.

Su Qianci said anxiously, “it is unreasonable to ask me to eat it nonstop. How can it take ten minutes!”

“Of course it can. Use another method.” Luo Zhan laughed. “For example, swallow the rest entirely.” Su Qianci’s face was red. Looking at how expectant people were, she tried to hold the banana in her mouth after a long while of hesitation.

Yu Lili was looking at Su Qianci, full of interest. Suddenly she felt Lu Yihan squirm underneath her. And then something was quietly rising. Lu Yihan reached out and pushed her, his voice a bit husky. “Go back.” Yu Lili turned her head and gazed at him deeply.

Just now, she sat on his lap for so long, and he did not react at all; now Su Qianci put a banana in her mouth, and he actually… Sneering quietly, Yu Lili’s voice was extremely low. “Is it worth it? Huh?”