The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Kiss Between Lu And Luo

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Luo Zhan took the card and read it with a smile. “On the spot, find a person to French kiss against the wall for three minutes…” The more he read, the deeper the sense of crisis he felt. Among the people present, Yu Lili was off-limits, and so was Su Qianci. Then only Cheng You was left? Gosh! No, Cheng You was his! Luo Zhan calmed himself down and said, “do you want to change one?”

“No! There is no such thing!” Su Qianci objected. “Why didn’t you change it for me, but for him?”

“Yes!” Yu Lili echoed. “That’s right. You can’t change it!”

Rong Rui sat straight, his hand slightly lifted on the side of Cheng You. Cheng You’s heart couldn’t help but thump.

Lu Yihan pursed his lips and said after a long while, “then I choose to drink.”

“Well, finish this.” Yu Lili took the half bottle of whiskey and raised her chin.

“Crap!” Luo Zhan burst out.

Cheng You felt a bit shocked. “That’s too much!”

“Lili, this is not…” Su Qianci’s voice.

If he finished that, he would probably be sent to the hospital.

Yu Lili didn’t feel that something was wrong. She said matter-of-factly, “hey, if you don’t follow the rules, you will be punished!” What about her? Kissing against the wall? She was right there! “You can ask anyone, and the person who is selected can’t refuse, otherwise…” Yu Lili put the bottle down. “Drink.”

Lu Yihan turned his face away in pain and glanced at the crowd. Li Sicheng was holding his wife. There was no expression on his cold face, but the warning was obvious.

Yu Lili was looking at him with a big pair of eyes, but He knows her thoughts about him, but she already had a boyfriend, hadn’t she?

Lu Yihan finally turned his eyes to Cheng You. Rong Rui and Luo Zhan both warned him with their looks. “Dammit…” Lu Yihan was tortured. He finally scratched his head and dragged Luo Zhan close to him.

Luo Zhan looked like he had seen a ghost when he was pinned against the wall. Everyone was shocked. Luo Zhan only felt something soft on his lips, and he was completely dumbstruck.

“French kiss,” Rong Rui reminded them quietly.

Lu Yihan looked painful and reached out his tongue Luo Zhan looked disgusted and closed his teeth tightly.

“The selected person can’t refuse,” Rong Rui said again.


What was this Rong Rui’s problem? Luo Zhan cursed inwardly, but he still had his teeth closed.

Finally, three minutes later, Lu Yihan pushed him away immediately and turned his head to the side, “Ew”

Luo Zhan had the same reaction, and the two guys were vomiting at the same time.

Su Qianci laughed mercilessly, holding the arm of Li Sicheng, almost out of breath.

Ou Ming was laughing the loudest. He said, “Luo Zhan, if your father knows about this, he will break your leg!”

Yu Lili felt a bit reluctant to laugh. Looking in Lu Yihan’s direction, she hid her expression behind her glass of water.

Ou Ming clearly noticed the odd behavior of Yu Lili. Glancing at her and then Lu Yihan, his eyes suddenly became dark.

Lu Yihan did not spit out anything and returned to turn the bottle. This time, it was Ou Ming. Ou Ming directly leaned over to take a card of truth and handed it to Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan read, “Is your current partner the love of your life? If you are not married, are you willing to marry him/her?”