The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 472

Chapter 472 What Is The Sex Like Between You And Your Partner

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Lu Yihan came out of the bathroom and found that they were gathering together. He walked over and sat next to Li Sicheng. “Ready to play games?”

“Yes, truth or dare. Now scatter, don’t crowd together.”

The sofa was ring-shaped and there was a large glass table in the middle.

Luo Zhan divided the cards in his hand into two lots, one was the truth, and the other was dare. He shuffled each lot and then placed them in different piles. There was a glass bottle in the center of the table, and everyone formed a circle around it.

Lu Yihan did not care how it went and said, “in this case, pregnant woman first. QianQian, your turn.”

As a playful person, Su Qianci did not mind it. She turned the bottle but did not have good luck. The bottle was pointing to herself. Su Qianci sighed. “Yihan, you did that on purpose, right?”

Hearing the intimate term she used, Li Sicheng felt a bit sour and glanced at Su Qianci with a slight warning. Su Qianci shrunk her head, not knowing what she did that had upset him.

Luo Zhan asked, “Truth or dare?”

“I… Truth. Dare is too exciting.” She then reached for a card. At first glance, her face was red. “Can I change to dare…”

“No!” Luo Zhan said without mercy, then took the card in her hand, laughed and read, “what is the sex like between you and your partner?How long is the best duration? How many times a night?”

Su Qianci was almost crying. She pulled at Li Sicheng’s sleeve and said, “I don’t want to play.” How could she say something like that out loud?

Li Sicheng glanced at Luo Zhan, elegantly unbuckled his cufflinks and asked, “Where did you find such a kinky thing? Is it this full of this kind of content?”

Of course, Luo Zhan had done his research in order to pursue girls. But there was no way he was admit it. Luo Zhan calmly retorted, “do you to bail? No worries, Su Qianci. Answer quickly, don’t be afraid of him. It doesn’t even matter if he has premature ejaculation. Just say it!”

“I really don’t want to say…” Su Qianci blushed scarlet, clutching Li Sicheng’s hand and looking to him for help.

“Tell them,” Li Sicheng smiled, glancing at Lu Yihan absentmindedly. “It is no shame.”

Lu Yihan avoided his glance and took a sip of water, his blue veins standing out on the back of his hand.

Su Qianci blushed as she murmured in a small voice, “I can’t remember the duration. It should be… half an hour, or an hour?”

“How many times a night?” Yu Lili asked eagerly.

“Five… Six seven.”

“Is that five or six or seven?”


“It is eight times.” Li Sicheng took a sip of water and cleared his throat.

Su Qianci punched on his leg. “No way.”

“Yes, after the shower, you came again.”

Su Qianci’s face was even redder. Covering her face and lying on the sofa, she cried, “don’t say that!”

Everyone laughed, and Lu Yihan also pulled his lips reluctantly. Yu Lili clearly saw it. Then she let Su Qianci turn the bottle again. This time, it was Lu Yihan.

“Dare.” Lu Yihan did not hesitate to answer. And then he got up and took a card, but seeing the instruction on the card, the corner of his mouth twitched. Throwing the card toward Luo Zhan, he exclaimed, “what is this thing? It even has something like this!”