The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Truth Or Dare

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“Are you okay with it?” Yu Lili looked at Li Sicheng.

Of course, Li Shicheng nodded. Su Qianci couldn’t wait to take over the dice cup from her and said, “do not worry. I won’t be the one who will lose.”

Lu Yihan drank the most, and his cheeks were reddish. Hearing that, he laughed. “You have been lucky every time. I will definitely be the one who drinks the most.”

Sure enough, after 16 rounds, Lu Yihan had lost ten times, and Yu Lili lost six times. Su Qianci did not lose even once.

Lu Yihan’s face was flushed. After taking the last drink, he got up and went to the bathroom.

Luo Zhan and Cheng You were no longer singing. Putting the microphone down, Luo Zhan turned around and clapped his hands. “Over here. On such a happy occasion, shall we play something more exciting?”

“What do you propose?” Su Qianci asked.

He chuckled and said with a sinister look, “truth or dare!”

Hearing that, Cheng You glanced at him with contempt. “That is too childish.”

“You can’t say that. I am still a baby,” Luo Zhan said shamelessly and took out a pack of cards. “These are the special cards for truth or dare. Took me a lot of time to find them. Let’s play together.”

Su Qianci blinked and looked at Li Sicheng. “Darling, are we playing?”

“Do you want to play?” He had never participated in Luo Zhan’s stupid games before.

Su Qianci nodded and pulled his hand. “I do. Shall we play together?”


Yu Lili was also very interested. She waved to Luo Zhan. “Let me look at what cards you have.”

He grinned and passed the cards to her.

Yu Lili casually glanced at some of them and exclaimed, “s**t! Luo Zhan, this is too juicy! ‘Choose someone of the opposite sex to kiss for 10 minutes. No objection allowed.”What position did you use when you had sex for the first time?”Is the one you’re dating now the love of your life?”Ask for a waiter/waitress’s number and ask for a booty call.’ Ha ha ha ha… This is so much fun. Ou Ming, do you want to play?”

Sitting behind her, Ou Ming had already seen the words on the cards clearly. “I’m fine with it. So, we are a team, Li Sicheng and Su Qianci are a team. And others” He looked at Luo Zhan in a sneaky way. It was easy to tell what he was thinking.

That was why

Ou Ming couldn’t help but glanced at Cheng You and clapped his hands. “Let’s do it.”

At this time, the door was opened. Everyone glanced over. Rong Rui looked at Cheng You calmly before he walked straight into the room.

Cheng You saw him, and her look changed. “You…”

“Happy birthday.” Rong Rui directly gave a gift to Yu Lili, speaking with no sincerity.

Cheng You immediately became speechless. It was no wonder he had suggested they go together. So he did not mean to badger her, but wanted to participate in Yu Lili’s birthday? In fact, Yu Lili had seen Rong Rui once, but she did not remember much of it.

Seeing that he naturally sat next to Cheng You, who did not speak, Yu Lili took the gift and thanked him. Cheng You leaned in the direction of Luo Zhan, looking like she disliked his approaching.

Rong Rui did not care about it and said, “include me as well. The more the merrier.”