The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Mr. Rong Can You Have Some Shame?

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Not a single day passed without me regretting it, Rong Rui.

Every word was terribly calm. Rong Rui felt suffocated. When he learned that she had saved him, he decided to marry her. Maybe it was because of the deep-rooted evil nature of a man, he did not love her, but wanted to conquer her. Make her fall for him and then take her home as a wife. However, hearing what she said, he felt depressed. Cheng You could yell at him, cry on his shoulder, punch and kick him, but not be like this. How could she regret it?

Cheng You took her cell phone and went into the bathroom. After locking the door of the bathroom, she felt sour and for some reason, had an urge to cry. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw a stereotypical office lady with clean short hair, not feminine at all. However, she was proud, she was powerful, and she was picky. She did not think people like Rong Rui deserved her. How about that? “Dammit!” She brushed her hair, washed her face, and began to apply makeup.

After about forty minutes, she went out again, and Rong Rui was still sitting on the sofa. “How come you haven’t left yet?” She was annoyed.”Mr. Rong, can you have some shame?”

He did not answer her, but instead tossed the dress that he brought over to her. “Change into this and let’s go together.”

She took the dress and threw it into the trash can. She sneered and went into her bedroom, searching for an outfit. Eventually she found a navy skirt suit, locked the door, and started to change. After she finished,Rong Rui had disappeared. She made sure that he had already gone out before picking up her purse and leaving.

When they arrived at Palace One, it was already seven o’clock. Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were the last to arrive. Yu Lili did not have many friends, so only Su Qianci and Lu Yihan were invited. Other people were completely forced to come by Ou Ming. Of course, all the guests were people that both he and Yu Lili knew.

At the moment, Yu Lili, Cheng You, Luo Zhan, Lu Yihan, and Ou Ming were sitting on the sofa. Cheng You and Luo Zhan were singing karaoke. It was Mei Yanfang and Zhang Xueyou’s “Love is Hard”, and they sounded quite good.

Su Qianci was pulled away by Li Sicheng and sat on the sofa, watching Lu Yihan and Yu Lili playing dice.

Lu Yihan had drunk three glasses of wine in just a while, losing to Yu Lili. Ou Ming was smoking a cigarette while watching them play, but very soon, his cigarette was taken away by Li Sicheng.

Ou Ming was so upset that he chuckled. Throwing a punch at Li Sicheng, he complained, “tou think you’re better than the rest of us after becoming a father?”

Li Sicheng was in a good mood. His lips twitched a little as he said, “I kind of do.”

“Bragging!” Ou Ming looked disdainful.

Li Sicheng’s eyes became more curved as he said calmly, “you are just being jealous.”

Su Qianci looked at Yu Lili playing with Lu Yihan. She climbed over Li Sicheng and sat down next to Lu Yihan. Her eyes were shining as she said, “I want to play as well.”

“Okay, if you lose, your husband can drink!”