The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 468

Chapter 468 I Am Serious About Pursuing You

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Rong Rui glanced at her calmly and shook his head gently. “No.”

“I do not believe you!” Cheng You returned the money again, and as Rong Rui’s fingers danced on his screen, he was actually entering an amount.


Ten million to her account. She felt suffocated. She wanted to give the money back, but found out that she had hit her transfer limit.

He looked at her a smugly. Swaying his phone, he asked, “you don’t believe me? I can do it again.”

“Enough…” She felt so helpless that she wanted to kill herself. She had never dreamed that she would meet such a rogue. What was worse was that this rogue was not only capable, but also rich.

“Hey, you tricked me into handing over all my money. Now I’m penniless and homeless. If you drive me away now, I will go to the police. What sentence do you think you will get for conning me of 10 million?” He smiled as he approached her. “10 years? 20 years? Or longer?”

She was scared by his sudden move and only let out a sigh when he had stopped. “I will go to the bank tomorrow to give your money back.”

“That won’t work. I said, if you give me 10 million, I will give you 20 million, and so on.”

Cheng You stared at him. How much money did this guy have anyway? Wouldn’t his parents beat him up for throwing money away like this? Shetook a deep breath and suddenly changed her mind. Her finger tapped a few times on her phone. “But this is your money, I can’t take it. You just forced me to take it and threatened to sue me if I give it back to you. This is very difficult for me.”

His eyes became darker. He took a step forward. Scared by him, she shrank back.

“Cheng You, I’m serious about pursuing you. And I’m also serious about wanting to marry you.”

Cheng You’s heart raced wildly, but she forced herself to calm down and she tried to trick him. “So, you forcibly broke into my apartment and gave me 10 million to say that it is rent. If I don’t accept it, you threatened to call the police for me to go to jail. That is just disgusting.”

“Disgusting?” He raised an eyebrow and suddenly pushed her. “When you forced me to go to bed with you, you did not use that word.”

She heard him and became infuriated. She bristled. “Who took the initiative?”

“You were the one who took me to the hotel, right?”

“That’s because you had to rest!”

“After entering the hotel room, you took off my clothes first. Didn’t you?”

“I did not!”

“You did, and you also implied you did not have a boyfriend, right?”

“I…” Cheng You blushed.

“Then, you took off my clothes and pants. Didn’t you?”


“I did not want to do it with you, and you called me a phony. Right?”

“Get lost!”

“In order to prove that I am not a phony, I did what you asked. Otherwise, do you think I would do it with someone like you?” Rong Rui looked disdainful. “In short, it happened against my will that day.”

“Do you dare to be more shameless!”

“Why not?” He grinned and leaned closer to her, whispering, “turn this recording to the police, and see who has a case here?”

She stared, her eyes wide. Before she even had time to talk, he pulled her into his arms and sealed her lips. He took her phone away and deepened the kiss. Cheng You was somewhat uncomfortable and unconsciously stood on her toes, which led to even more fierce invasion of Rong Rui.

“Oh…” She felt worse! Their burning breath was intertwined, and Cheng You felt she was almost out of breath. Her hands tried to push him away, but they were getting weaker.