The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 467

Chapter 467 It Is Obvious That You Have Volunteered

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Rong Rui entered her room and looked around. In the center of the ceiling there was a vine chandelier. A laptop, a pot of succulents, and a small bookshelf packed with books were placed on the desk. A medium-sized wardrobe was placed next to a European-style twin-sized bed, looking very elegant and clean.

The decoration of the living room was also quite tasteful, showing the taste of a mature and intellectual woman.

Rong Rui looked around and nodded. “Not bad, it’s just the bed is a little small.”

Cheng You rushed in and pushed him out, roaring, “Rong Rui!”

“I heard it. You don’t need to be so loud.” Rong Rui took her hand with a sly smile. “Is there a guest room?”

Then he walked himself out and turned to the other room. It was a storage room next door, for all kinds of things that Cheng You did not use often. But this room was about the same size as her bedroom, and all the supplies were just piled up in one corner. He put down the suitcase and walked to the window to pull the curtains open. The dust immediately flew up into the air.

She disregarded him, installed online banking, and immediately transferred the money back.

He then went to her bathroom. There was a fresh lemon fragrance. When he walked in, he saw a mirror and a pile of cosmetics in front of it. Further inside, the toilet and shower were separated by a glass wall. Very good, very clean.

Hearing the ringtone of a new text message, Rong Rui picked up his phone: [Capital Bank reminds you: Cheng You has transferred 1000, 000.00 yuan through mobile banking, your balance…] He chuckled and his fingers danced along the keypad.

After Cheng You finished, she wanted to chase him away, but then her text message ringtone sounded again. This time, Rong Rui gave her two million. She transferred it back again, upset. After a while, he actually transferred her five million.

What the? She was so mad that she went to look for him. He came out of the bathroom with his phone, looking satisfied. “Nice apartment. Please look after me in the future, Miss landlord.”

“Since you like this place so much, I will sell it to you. This house has a total of value of over one million. Since you gave me five million, you can have it. I will move out immediately.”

“You won’t move.” Rong Rui looked at her. “You won’t move, because this house is a single apartment that Li Sicheng has assigned to you. It is still the property of the company. You are not authorized to give it away.”

Cheng You stared at him, speechless.

“Now you have charged me five million. If you still choose to drive me away, I can call the police to accuse you of fraud.”

“Ah!” She screamed as she was about to go crazy. “How can you be so shameless and rude? Obviously you did that voluntarily. Fraud my ass!”

“… A lady should not curse.” He looked at her calmly.

“Get out!” Even her hands were shaking. Turning the phone on, she was going to transfer the money back to him again.

He only glanced at it and said quietly, “if you transfer it to me, I will give you 10 million. The next time, I will transfer 20 million. It doubles each time.Would you like to try it?”

She was amused. “Is there no daily transfer limit to your card?” And, even if there was no limit, could Rong Rui have so much money? Where did it come from?