The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 466

Chapter 466 So Brazen That He Invited Himself

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“Tut, pussy.” Yu Lili looked disdainful.

“Don’t you know whether I have a pussy or not? Um?” Ou Ming said when his lips had moved down.

She pushed him and warned, “stop it, we have guests!”

“Then don’t seduce me.” He grabbed her hand and bit it. “Let’s go greet the guests.” Pulling her up, he put on his burgundy suit jacket.

She sat in front of the vanity mirror to do her makeup. After dressing up, Yu Lili made sure Ou Ming was not paying attention, and sneaked into the bathroom with her cell phone. She sent a WeChat message to Lu Yihan: You can come now. I am waiting for you with Qianqian here.

There was then a quick reply: Yes, be there soon.

He was about to be there Yu Lili couldn’t help but curl her lips. She opened the door with the phone in her hand. Humming a little song, she grabbed Ou Ming’s arm. “Let’s go.”

His eyes fell on her mobile phone, and he vaguely felt something was wrong. But he did not say anything, and took her to the underground parking lot.

Cheng You drove for more than three hours to come back to Kingstown. When she arrived at home, she collapsed on the bed. After sleeping for a while, she heard the doorbell. She covered her head with the blanket, but the doorbell did not seem to be stopping. With a head of messy hair, she went to open the door. At first glance, she felt she must be going blind. Her first reaction was to close the door. However, it was blocked by Rong Rui and did not budge.

She bristled. “Why are you so freaking annoying? Can’t you just disappear?”

He didn’t care, but instead took his suitcase inside and looked at her apartment. He nodded. “It’s quite clean.”

She noticed the suitcase in his hand and was shocked. Putting one foot on his suitcase, she asked, “wait, what do you want?”

“To come stay with you,” he said matter-of-factly, his face not even red.

“You’re not welcome. Leave now!”

Cheng You had never seen such a brazen person. Didn’t he sense the hatred from her? Like she wanted him to die right this moment? Did he really think she was joking? She sneered, “yes, I transferred the money to you. Have you seen it?”

“Well,” Rong Rui said. “I also transferred some to you. Have you seen it yet?”


“Ten minutes ago.”

She snorted quietly and turned to check the phone.

[Kingstown Bank reminds you: Rong Rui has transferred you 1000,000.00 through mobile banking, your balance is now 5289,241.27…]

She was so shocked that her phone almost fell out of her hand. She turned to look at him and exclaimed, “are you crazy? Why did you transfer so much money to me?”

Rong Rui walked in with his suitcase and took it for granted. “That was my rent, but I don’t know how to cook. So the burden is on you, Miss landlord.”

“Tut!” Cheng You tossed her phone aside and threw him out. “I don’t agree. Get out. This is trespassing, and I can call the police!”

“But I paid the rent, you can’t drive me away.”

“I will f**king return it to you! Who wants your rent!” Cheng You picked up the phone and wanted to send the money back to him.

However, her phone was new, and the banking app had not been installed yet. Rong Rui had already opened the door and walked inside with his suitcase.

“Hey!” She almost fainted. “You!”