The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Just Like A Fairy

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Li Sicheng drove the car in a steady manner and held Su Qianci’s hand with his other hand. “Are you scared?”

“No, it just feels weird, as if someone is staring at us.”

“The police behind us?”

“No, it’s another pair of eyes. Someone has been staring at us since the beginning, but I can’t find where he or she is.” Reliving her life, Su Qianci’s sixth sense had become more and more acute. Although she could not locate the source, every time she felt something was going to happen, something bad would take place. Feeling uneasy, she looked around, and the feeling of being stared at got weaker. She was sure that the suspect was present back by the police cars. But why didn’t they find him?

Yu Lili could not get enough sleep these days. She went to bed at 9 PM and woke up past 11 AM the next day, but she fell asleep in the afternoon again. She lay down at 3 PM and only opened her eyes when teased by someone lying next to her. Ou Ming hugged her, tasting her lips. He saw her waking up and moved more aggressively. Her eyes groggy, she wrapped her arms around his neck. The flames in her body were ignited by him, almost consuming her.

He plunged himself into her body and moved gently. She screamed in pleasure and moved her small waist up and down. Her unconscious movements pleased him greatly, leading to a more violent storm. At the very end, he took the initiative to use a condom, and she was sent to paradise with his last thrust. Exhausted, she lay underneath him.

Ou Ming took the condom off, and there was a strange flash of light in his eyes. Holding her, he said, “hey, today is your birthday.”

“Yeah,” Yu Lili groaned, but soon thought of something and punched him. “Why did you do that then? How can I go to the party later?”

With an evil smile, he carried her into the bathroom. While helping her take a shower, he silently counted the time. She noticed that he was absent-minded, so she reached out and poured a handful of water on his face and asked, “hey, what are you thinking?”

Ou Ming turned his head back fiercely and threw her into the bathtub, tickling her armpits and waist with his big hands. “Naughty, you are looking for abuse.”

Tickled by him, she laughed and caught his hands, crying, “hey, go away, I’m dying here!”

He snorted and pulled her up to help her clean up. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I will deal with you tonight.”

She smiled, cleaned herself up, and ran out. She chose a red maxi dress with a high collar and long sleeves, hiding her collarbone while exposing her shoulders. She looked mature, sexy, and charming in it.

Ou Ming took her waist and lifted her chin with his long finger. He blew a whistle. “Hey, why do you look so good? Just like a fairy.”

Yu Lili smiled a little smugly. Holding his head, she winked at him and said, “I am a fairy, who will extract your life essence and make you die an ugly death.”

“Dying under the peony flower makes one a romantic ghost..” Ou Ming turned her over and threw himself on top of her. “Dying for you is worth it.”