The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 464

Chapter 464 A Pair Of Eyes Were Staring At Them

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Li Sicheng did not want to pay attention to her. He walked to the driver’s side, holding his car key.

The policewoman grabbed his sleeve and bristled. “Mr. Li.”

There was not much of a change on his face. Looking at her hand coldly, he said quietly, “sitting in the car is Mrs. Li. You intend to sexually harass me in front of my wife. I am afraid it is not appropriate.”

She didn’t expect him to say this. Immediately releasing his arm, her expression changed. “Please wait!” Then she stepped forward and cried, “Bring them over!” She put a hand on the hood of the car, not letting him go. Other police officers quickly took the two suspects over. The policewoman said to Su Qianci, “since you were held hostage last time, you should recognize the voice and body type of the suspect. Look at these two. Is any of them a match?”

Su Qianci did not get out of the car. After looking at the two people for a while, she shook her head. “Not them.”


“The person who took me was at least 6 feet tall and very strong. His muscles showed that he must exercise often. These two people are at least 2 inches shorter than him. Also, the person was very calm.”

As she said that, the policewoman looked at the two people unconsciously. These two people were obviously not very mature in mind. Faced with so many police officers and guns, they had been shivering.

“The most important thing is that it was a woman who picked the suspect up at the time.”

The two young people who were detained glanced at Su Qianci gratefully. One of them explained loudly, “we told you that we were drinking at the time, and when we came out the car was gone!”

“Why didn’t you take the key with you then?” The policewoman asked impatiently.

“We forgot. Who can remember everything all the time?”

“Then why did you cover up the license plate number? If you did not do it, why did you cover the number up?”

“Who covered it? My license plate number is so cool, and I cannot wait to show it off! And, if I want to commit a crime, was it even sensible for me to just cover the license plate up? This car is so special, and that was why you spotted it on the street and chased us nine blocks! Are we wronged or what? You police are unable to catch the criminals, and now you’re blaming us for driving a nice car?”

“Shut up!” The policewoman yelled. “Bring them back for more investigation!”

Li Sicheng had already gotten into the car, and he said coldly, “if there’s nothing else, could you step aside? We still have other arrangements.”

“No, we let you leave last time. This time, you have to come back to the station with me and do a transcript. Mrs. Li, I hope that you can cooperate with us.”

Su Qianci checked the time and said, “does tomorrow work for you? It has been a few days anyways, and we still have something to do.”

The policewoman was going to refuse when another police officer came up and whispered, “don’t cross Li Sicheng. He is not easy to deal with. Just accept it!”

The policewoman felt reluctant, but stepped aside after glancing at the man in the car. “Tomorrow morning, please show up at the police station, Mrs. Li!” There was no response, but the police had to let them drive away.

Su Qianci looked at the two young men through the rearview mirror, but still felt like something was wrong.