The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Tricked Twice By Su Qianci

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However, the chance of a straight flush was too low. Was she really so lucky? Feeling doubtful, he gazed at the woman who was smiling brilliantly. After long while, he folded his cards and said, “Out!”

Su Qianci suddenly laughed and held Li Sicheng’s hand. “Mr. Li, he is out!” Then she showed her last card, which was A in spades. Seeing that card, everyone stared, their eyes wide. After a while, Li Sicheng started to chuckle.

Seeing that, Lao Jin suddenly stood up and hit the table. “You f**king tricked me?”

Su Qianci blinked and smiled. “How funny! It’s just a game. Why are you so mad? Do you know that this is a casino? Am I to blame for your foolishness?”

Li Jinnan couldn’t help laughing and giving Su Qianci a thumb-up. “Amazing! You just won back everything my brother had lost tonight.”

Hearing that, she looked up at Li Sicheng. “How much did you lose?”

“More than 20 million.” He rubbed her head. “Continue?”

“Of course.” She was always the luckiest in a casino. “Shall we keep going, Mr. Jin?”

Lao Jin sneered, “Sure!”

However, in the next few rounds, Lao Jin kept on losing. What pissed him off even more was that he fell for Su Qianci’s same trick twice. Very soon, she had won more than 50 million. Minus what Li Sicheng had lost in the beginning, they had won 20 million. However, that was not enough. Li Jinnan had just told her what had happened. Su Qianci bristled and decided to carry on.

“36 million. Mr. Jin, in or out?” Su Qianci gazed at him calmly with a smile, knocking her fingers on the table.

Her look was almost exactly the same as Li Sicheng’s. Both brothers could tell that. Li Sicheng smiled and gazed at Lao Jin who was hesitant. Lao Jin’s hand was great, with four aces. However, Su Qianci did not look scared at all.

What frightened Lao Jin even more was the fact that Su Qianci got the same suit again. K, Q, J, 9, all in spades. If the woman had a 10 in spades in her pocket, then she would win with a straight flush. However, if the card was not 10 in spades, she would lose. Seeing her confident look, Lao Jin was sweating. He had been fooled by her confident look several times. Initially, he had beaten Li Sicheng because of Li Sicheng’s bad luck and his mind tricks. This woman not only had great luck but was also great at mind games. What could he do?

“Boss, don’t be tricked again. The woman is wicked.”

Lao Jin thought so as well. However, what if?

Seeing how hesitant he was, Su Qianci said impatiently, “I’m sleepy now. Are you going to play or what? I could go home.”

Lao Jin felt suffocated, as this was the first time the girl said that to him. If his gang members knew about it, they would laugh to death. After long while, he pushed his chips forward and said, “In! I don’t believe you have a straight flush!”

Last game.

She took a look and asked, “Are you absolutely sure? Don’t regret this.”

Hearing that, Lao Jin felt relaxed. “Shouldn’t have bluffed, right? Show me what you got.”