The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Act Like One

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Star City was the most mysterious entertainment complex in Kingstown. You could gamble, entertain, hand out, work out, trade, and dine all at Star City, and the pricing was far from average. Every client at this place was either powerful or rich. Many pretty girls would try to dig some gold here as well. A gorgeous Bugatti was parked at the gate. Many golddiggers waiting at the gate glanced over. A tall, strong young man walked out from the driver seat wearing a tight tank top and a black leather jacket, showing off his muscles. Looking handsome and badass, his appearance made the girls drool.

A doorman came up. The tall man tossed his key over and opened the back door. The man walking out from the back was wearing a deep gray coat, with a light gray cashmere sweater inside. He was also tall, looking sophisticated and distant, more mature than the young man. Seeing him, lots of people cried, “Li Sicheng!”

Li Sicheng glanced at the glamorous gate. Disregarding the suggestion of the pretty women, he reached out a hand to the car. A slim woman walked out. Su Qianci’s eyes were glittering, filled with excitement when she looked at the Star City. The Bugatti was driven away by the doorman. Li Jinnan walked inside first.

It was not the first time that Su Qianci had come here. However, each time she came, she couldn’t help getting thrilled. She leaped forward. However, Li Sicheng quickly pinned her down. “Now you’re a mother. Act like one.”

Su Qianci pouted and gave him a stare. That did not disturb her great mood. Looking left and right, Su Qianci saw ample breasts and long legs and compared them to hers. She couldn’t help covering her chest with hands. Amused, Li Sicheng did not say anything and looked ahead.

As Li Jinnan walked farther, Li Sicheng caught up with him and cried, “Jinnan, wait up.”

The casino was on the sixth floor. They took the elevator up and heard the loud noise as soon as they arrived. Sexy bunny girls raised the trays as high as their ears, twisting their waists as they walked. Seeing a tall, handsome guy like Li Jinnan, a bunny girl blinked at him and offered him a champagne. Li Jinnan took it over and put away his flippancy. With a smile, he turned himself into a classic gentleman.

Su Qianci took a glass of champagne as well, which was then taken by her husband and switched to water. Well, that’s fine. She was not a big drinker anyway.

She followed Li Jinnan to get chips of 10 million worth. Su Qianci only got a cut of 10,000. Feeling upset, she pulled Li Sicheng to play sic bo. Li Sicheng was a bit absent-minded. Su Qianci betted on “big.” Before the result was revealed, Li Sicheng said, “You play alone for a while. I’ll go check on Jinnan.”

“All right, go.” Su Qianci waved her hand and shouted together with the other gamblers. “Big, big, big!”

Li Sicheng smiled and ruffled her hair before he left for Li Jinnan’s suite.