The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Darling Darling Darling

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He gritted his teeth, changed, and lifted Su Qianci up with his arm silently. She looked at him, feeling guilty. Grabbing his collar, she looked like a naughty child getting caught, whispering, “I could walk on my own.”

“Quiet.” Li Sicheng was in a fret. Taking her downstairs, he only grabbed his car key and wallet before walking to his car. She stopped talking. She had heard that an unsatisfied guy was the most terrifying creature in the world. As horny as he was, he was still lucid. He put her on the copilot seat carefully and then sat in the driver’s seat. Taking out a pack of cigarette from the glove compartment, he lit one up and took a deep puff before he started the car.

Su Qianci felt better already. Looking at the city going back outside the window, she felt a bit emotional. She had relived this life for a while now. It felt like a dream. After long while, she glanced at Li Sicheng. He still had the cigarette between his lips. Noticing her glance, he looked back at her and took the cigarette down to expel the smoke slowly. On this winter night, his face was covered in white smoke, making his chiseled features looked even colder. It was a silent ride.

When they reached the hospital closest to Yuxiu neighborhood, it was about 20 minutes later. The cold wind had drowned most of his desire. He wanted to carry her out of the car, but Su Qianci thought it was too embarrassing and insisted on walking. Li Sicheng gave up and checked her in with the gynecologist.

After a series of tests, the doctor looked at her weirdly. “When did you start feeling uncomfortable?”

Su Qianci blushed and told the truth.

The doctor pushed his glasses back on his nose bridge. “When did you last have your period?”

“Er Over 20 days ago.”

“Is it usually on time?”

“Yes, it is either one day early or one day late”

“Okay.” The doctor then asked a nurse for something that Su Qianci did not understand. The nurse quickly left.

When she came back, she handed a box over to Su Qianci. “Go have a test.”

Seeing the name on the box, she was dazed.

Pregnancy test?

Su Qianci went to the bathroom and used the test as instructed. Seeing the two red lines, she was dumbstruck and then took out the other two tests. Two of the three tests showed two clear redlines, and the other one showed a faint red line in addition to the solid one. She did not know how she walked out of the bathroom. Seeing Li Sicheng from afar, she blinked and called, “Darling.”

“Yes?” There was tobacco scent on Li Sicheng’s clothes. He had obviously smoked again.

Hearing his response, she let out a yelp and threw herself at him, locking her arms about his neck. “Darling, darling, darling”

His first reaction was to take her into his arms. He looked down and asked in a low voice, “What is it?”

She held him tight and suddenly released him. Grabbing his hand, she said seriously, “I have something important to tell you.”

Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow and glanced at her hand. She hid the item behind her, pretending to look upset.

“What is it?” He reached out a hand to catch hers.

She dodged and said, “Don’t move. Stand still.”

“Okay.” He stood still, gazing at her.

Su Qianci showed a Pregnancy test to him and asked, “You know what this is?”

“An AIDS test?”