The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Hiv Positive?

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Su Qianci bowed her head and nodded. After dinner, Captain Li gave the spring couplets that he had written and the window papercuts prepared by Liu Sao and Qin Shuhua to Li Sicheng and said, “Don’t think you could avoid the chores by coming home late. Go put these up in every room!” With a smile, Li Sicheng took them over, and Su Qianci also helped. She went to fetch some glue and started to put the papercuts up.

After decorating each room, she felt a bit tired. She felt her health was worsening. If it was in the old days, she would not have felt so tired. It took them more than two hours to finish the work.

Grandpa asked them to stay the night at the old house. She was fine with it, while Li Sicheng had some urgent business to take care of and left.

She was lying in the bed alone, staring at the ceiling. Nothing happened that night.

On the next day, Li Sicheng had booked the flight to Italy in the afternoon, which was changed to the morning.

After celebrating the Minor Chinese New Year, Su Qianci joined the final exam fighters. After taking the exams, she felt even more exhausted. A few days later, behind everyone’s back, Su Qianci went to a small clinic with good online ratings far away from where she lived. She did not dare to drive there, so she took a taxi.

Wearing sunglasses and a hat, she checked in at the infectious disease department. After her blood was taken, she sat outside and waited.

“Doctor Liu, are you absolutely sure? Does my son really have AIDS?” It was a woman’s broken voice. Judging from the voice, Su Qianci was certain that if Doctor Liu said yes, the woman would burst into tears immediately.

Doctor Liu’s voice was small, and Su Qianci could not tell what he was saying. However, the woman immediately cried, “Oh my God. My son is still so young. What should I do” Very soon, the woman walked out, sobbing in despair.

Su Qianci was even more frightened. When it was her turn, she walked inside and sat down opposite the doctor. The nameplate said Liu Quan. Su Qianci felt the name was familiar for some reason. She looked up and saw it was a very young man wearing a pair of metal frame glasses. His look was a bit ambiguous when he saw her.

“Take off your sunglasses,” said Liu Quan.

Su Qianci took up the sunglasses and revealed her delicate face. Seeing who it was, Liu Quan arched an eyebrow. It’s really her?

Checking her medical record, he asked, “You think you have AIDS?”

Su Qianci cringed and nodded.


“I was very likely raped by an AIDS patient.”

“Did he use a condom?”

“I have no idea.”

“Are you sure you were raped by him?”

The question was so direct. Su Qianci’s eyes became red. She shook her head. “I don’t know. I was unconscious at that time. When I woke up, my whole body hurt, and I had a terrible fever.”

“I see. Then you must have AIDS now.” Liu Quan threw the medical record away and leaned against the back of his chair. He yawned and said, “The easiest way to get AIDS is from sex. After that, did you have sex with your husband?”

Her heart was stabbed. Her tears immediately felt. She shook her head and sobbed, “no”

How did she dare to?