The 99th Divorce
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    The 99th Divorce Chapter 350

    Chapter 350 Dirty Deal

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    Li Sicheng’s deep eyes became colder as he narrowed them. Slowly, he asked, “So, you slapped me for that?”

    Su Qianci looked away and did not speak. However, her breath had quickened, and her eyes had become wet.

    “Mrs. Li, you are questioning my character.” His voice was deep, sounding furious.

    She curled her lips coldly and refused eye contact.

    “I thought I was clear last time. I have nothing to do with her, let alone sleep with her. Even touching her would give me nausea.”

    “That’s enough,” she cut in. “I don’t want to listen to this. Mr. Li, would you please let me go?”

    He pursed his lips and remained still. With frustration, he said, “Why don’t you believe me?”

    She looked up at him. Seeing how hurt he was, she stared at the ceiling and said slowly, “You have no credit with me the moment I found you lied to me.”

    Li Sicheng’s pupils shrank. Lied to her? He immediately thought of his injury on the right arm. Unconsciously, he glanced at it. Seeing his move, Su Qianci also gazed at his wound. It was long and probably deep. Most of it had scarred, pink and ugly on his bronze skin.

    “This was done by Rong Rui more than half a month ago.”

    Half a month, so, when he was “on the business trip?”

    “I didn’t tell you because I did not want to worry about me. I lied and said I was going on a business trip, because I wanted to tell you when the injury got better.”

    Is that so? She suddenly felt sad. Did she look so gullible to him? He must have no idea that she saw him coming out of the house he gave to Tang Mengying with her own eyes. She did her own research and found that the title of the house was indeed transferred to Tang Mengying. A house worth tens of millions was easily gifted to another woman. Would anyone believe that no dirty deal was involved? In addition, the DNA test was enough to prove it all. With everything combined, he still thought she would take his words for it?

    Su Qianci’s eyelashes fluttered as she said quietly, “okay. You can get up now. My legs are numb.”

    Li Sicheng pursed his lips and felt like her cold look was a bullet in his chest, leaving a bloody hole. Her look told him that she did not believe him. His injury was right there, and she should be able to tell how severe it was. But why did she still refuse to believe him? Did she mean it by saying he had no credit with her?

    “I didn’t mean it.”

    “It’s okay. They won’t be numb for long.”

    “I’m talking about the business trip.”

    He did not mean to be dishonest. If he knew that she would learn the truth and get the wrong idea, Li Sicheng would much rather have her on his side and worry about him.

    Su Qianci paused. Her eyes became dim as she said, “It’s okay. Of course, you can have your private life. From the very beginning, I made it clear in the contract that we are each free to live our separate life. You don’t need to explain to me.”

    She was the one who had the wrong idea. She had thought that he loved her