The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 214

Chapter 214: The Fight Was Continued On The Bed

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Breathing heavily, Li Sicheng buried his face into Su Qianci's neck and kissed down her body The sharp sensation made Su Qianci curl her toes.

"Are you okay yet?" Li Sicheng suddenly asked, looking at her with eyes full of lust.

Su Qianci was puzzled, blinking.

Li Sicheng did not answer but moved his hand down south.

Su Qianci suddenly understood, blushed, and nodded. "It's finished yesterday."

Looking content, Li Sicheng was ready to move again, but someone was knocking on the door. It was Nanny Rong's voice. "There's no need to fight. You can always talk it out."

Su Qianci heard that and blushed even more, feeling ashamed. They were just fighting And now they were already in bed.

Seeing Su Qianci's mortified face, Li Sicheng chuckled and planted a kiss on her bare neck before he said, "I'll go get the door."

Su Qianci covered her neck with her hand and immediately hid herself under the comforter the moment he was gone.

Nanny Rong was very worried. The couple had been good for a couple of days, and now they were fighting again.

Although she knew that Li Sicheng would never lay a hand on Su Qianci, Nanny Rong was worried that Su Qianci might say something that she would regret later

Feeling nervous, Nanny Rong couldn't help knocking again. "Mr" Before she finished her sentence, the door was opened.

Li Sicheng's normally cold face looked extremely sensual with his hair messy.

"What is it?" Li Sicheng's voice sounded husky, seeming to be holding something back.

At Nanny Rong's age, she immediately knew what was going on.

Her face burning, she immediately looked away and said, "You haven't had dinner yet. Don't be too late."

Su Qianci heard that and was even more ashamed.

Nanny Rong must think she was an easy girl, since a minute ago she was fighting with Li Sicheng. Getting out of bed, Su Qianci freshened up and wanted to walk away.

Li Sicheng was just closing the door when he saw Su Qianci trying to escape. Pushing her against the wall, Li Sicheng whispered in a sexual voice, "Where are you going?"

"I'm hungry!"

Li Sicheng stared at her, like an eagle seeing its prey. Licking his lips, he said, "So am I."

As he said that, his desire was so intense that Su Qianci could not even look at him. Did he mean what she meant? Su Qianci was terrified.

At that moment, Li Sicheng's phone rang.

It was Cheng You. "Mr. Li, the hunter is in position, waiting for instruction."

"Get to it."

"Yes, sir."

Li Sicheng hung up and saw Su Qianci rubbing her stomach, looking at him pleadingly. Li Sicheng smiled and messed her hair up. "Let's go eat first."

When Nanny Rong saw the couple walking down holding their hands, she suddenly widened her eyes and blurted out, "So fast?"

Li Sicheng's face immediately became dark.