The 99th Divorce

The 99th Divorce Chapter 192

Chapter 192: You Got Great Tits

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Chapter 192: You Got Great Tits
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Su Qianci let Sunny play with her like a doll. Soon, even her blouse was taken off. Sunny was stunned by the view of Su Qianci's rounded, perky breasts.

"Wow, you got great tits."

Feeling shy, Su Qianci cross her arms in front of her chest, blocking Sunny's sight. Su Qianci believed Sunny might be gay.

Not noticing anything, Sunny took out a new bra from her backpack and cried, "Try this on. This is a very sexy style." Seeing that Su Qianci wasn't moving, Sunny exclaimed again, "Come on, I'll help you."

Su Qianci quickly blocked her hand and smiled awkwardly. "I'll do it."

Noticing Su Qianci being distant, Sunny thought to herself: like husband, like wife. "Wait a second. Also try these on."

Su Qianci stared at the outfits in front of her, a red one, a platinum one, a green one They all looked gorgeous, but did she need to try all of them on?

"I think this would be the best. Your skin is so radiant that red would look great on you." Sunny shoved the red outfit to her and said, "Come on, make mama proud."

When Su Qianci went to change, Sunny thought, she would definitely look gorgeous. Mr. Li ordered these couture garments a couple of months ago from Milan. The fabric alone probably cost a million. Only the Li financial group would be able to do this. On this thought, Sunny felt a bit jealous. Why is Mrs. Li so fortunate? Her husband is handsome and rich and so nice to her

"Everyone has his own fate," Sunny drank some water and thought.

As Su Qianci walked out of the bathroom, she looked a bit bashful.

Sunny looked back and was immediately stunned. After three seconds, Sunny immediately put the bottled water down and rushed over to Su Qianci. "S**t! Arghhhhhhh Let me look at you." Sunny walked around Su Qianci and found the garment fit really well. The sewing kit she had brought would not be put into use.

"Is this too sexy?"

"No, no no no. You have a great collarbone and back, so you have to show them off." Oh my god. Not only did Su Qianci have a gorgeous face, she was also incredibly elegant. Even a top model could not wear the outfit as well as Su Qianci did This was almost designed for her. "Oh my god, I feel like an ugly duckling around you. This is so humbling"

Su Qianci was embarrassed and said, "You're exaggerating"

No, I wasn't. However, Sunny did not want to speak any more and took Su Qianci to a mirror. Then, Sunny was even more upset to find that Su Qianci's hair was flawless as well The makeup artist collapsed on a chair.