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    Sword Among Us Chapter 44

    Chapter 44: Black Wind Mountains Bandit Chief

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    There were not many Black Wind Mountain Bandits left. When Happy heard a furious roar from the depths of the stronghold, not only did he not stop with his attacks, he poured all of his attention into throwing his lancet knives. He did not dare to stop killing the remaining Black Wind Mountain Bandits. Regardless of who would come later, he had to make sure that the area was clear and clean of living enemies!

    "How dare you?!"

    It was the same voice, but the difference from before was that it sounded much closer. It also sounded much angrier and harsher. It was clear that the man had seen the densely packed corpses that blocked the entrance to the stronghold.

    "I'm going to cut you to pieces!"


    The corpses that filled the entrance of the stronghold were sent flying outwards with an explosive charge. They were like cannonballs, having an astonishing momentum. 

    Happy's expression changed, and he quickly shouted a word of warning. "Careful!"

    Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate had become extremely cautious and careful since the moment they had heard the voice of mysterious and powerful martial artist. When the corpses flew out, they quickly moved back while blocking the attack, which was why they were not injured. 

    Due to Happy standing far away from the entrance, he was away from the area of effect. He did not stop throwing his lancet knives and took out two more Black Wind Mountain Bandits who had just jumped down from the wooden wall.

    By then, he had already thrown more than eighty lancet knives, and more than fifty mountain bandits had died in his hands!

    He looked down at the corpses littered all over the entrance of the stronghold. The remaining few Black Wind Mountain Bandits on the wall repeatedly sucked in sharp breaths. They could not believe that all of this had been done by a teenager who had not even reached Gate Realm. 

    Three big men stood at the entrance once they cleared the obstacles and came out. They swept through the area with an angry gaze and locked onto Happy, Whirlwind Young Li, and Eastern Green Gate!

    "It's you!"

    Happy, Whirlwind Young Li, and Eastern Green Gate also saw the three people's faces. 

    The two people standing by the sides looked rather similar. Their bodies were wide, and their eyes were filled with anger. They had axes in their hands, and their murderous aura was very threatening. They looked like door gods, and their presences were extraordinary. 

    The person who stood in the middle, and who also happened to be the leader, was a middle-aged man with a hook nose and small eyes. He looked very bright and experienced. His fierce gaze swept over Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate before it landed on the blue-robed boy with the lancet knives. A hint of wariness appeared on his face. 

    "A Murong Clan disciple?"

    Happy nodded, and he also became certain of the man's identity. "And you're the master of Black Wind Mountain?"

    "It is I!" The leader of Black Wind Mountain spoke in a manner similar to the bandits in the wild, but he also sounded like a cultured person. It made him sound rather strange. 

    The eyes of the leader of Black Wind Mountain darkened, and he spoke again. "Black Wind Mountain and Murong Clan have always stayed out of each other's way. If you don't give me a reason for invading Black Wind Mountain tonight and killing so many of my brothers, I'll have to make the three of you pay with your lives!" 

    As he spoke, he drew his sword from its sheath, and it came out with a hiss. It shone with a silver light under the firelight. 

    "Black Wind Mountain has harmed the people of the land and killed all they saw!" 

    Happy remained at ease while he sent a signal to Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate with his eyes. He also tightened his grip over the lancet knives in his hand…

    Just as he expected, once he said those words, the three leaders of Black Wind Mountain flew into rage!

    "Aren't you ashamed of your lies?!"

    "You brat, you're asking for death!"

    The new second and third bandit chiefs did not wait for the chief to give them their orders. They charged forth from the left and right. 

    "Your opponent is me!"

    Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate had received Happy's instruction. They rushed forth and drew their weapons to face the second and third bandit chiefs respectively, engaging them in combat.

    The bandit chief frowned, but he did not immediately take action. 

    There were around sixty corpses on the ground, and more than fifty of them had a throwing knife that exuded a chilling and ghastly presence sticking out from their vital parts. All of this reminded him that he could not ignore the threat brought by the fatal hidden weapons in the blue-robed boy's hands!

    Yet the second and third bandit chiefs immediately gained the upper hand once they engaged the other two. By the looks of it, they would be able to end the battle before long. At that time, the three of them could work together and would naturally not need to be wary of the boy's throwing knives. 

    The bandit chief did not move, and neither did Happy. He only stared at the two bandit chiefs who used all their strength to oppress Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate. His eyes sparkled. 

    Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate had very little experience when it came to fighting against powerful martial artists. They also lacked experience in fighting against people who used axes. Because of that, they soon found themselves at a disadvantage and were surrounded by trouble. They could only move and dodge to keep on fighting, even if barely. They were in grave danger and constantly exposed to the risk of losing and dying. 

    The strikes from the second and third bandit chief were exceedingly powerful when they swung their axes in bold and confident motions. Even though their movements might have seemed crude, there was some finesse to it. They never relaxed their guard on the blue-robed boy who watched from the side either. 

    They were worried about the throwing knives the moment they relaxed their vigilance.

    It was because of this reason that they did not give it their all in the battle. This gave Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate a small chance to breathe, which came from Happy exploiting a loophole in the system by deliberately holding the line by the side. 

    He provided Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate with a pretty good chance to practice their skills. If they managed to last through the battle and could seize their chance, it would be very easy for them to increase the realms of their martial arts. 


    Within the pitch-black forest were two specter-like figures dressed in black. They hid behind the dark bushes and listened to the monotonous clashes of axes against swords, which came from the battlefield not too far away from them. Their bright eyes sparkled. 

    As time passed, one of them broke the silence between them.

    "Blue-robed Noble Sword User, what a man…" 

    The person who spoke made sure that his voice was low, which made him appear very cautious. However, it was not difficult to hear the sobriety and admiration in his voice. 

    The other person shut his eyes for a while before nodding slowly. 

    "I thought that we were already ahead of many people when we came to Black Wind Mountain to train, but by the looks of it now, there is someone who is better than us."

    The two were higher-ranked members from Dragon Tiger Sect. When they came to Black Wind Mountain, they had noticed Happy and the others disembark. They were worried that this new party would ruin their sect's operation, so they tailed behind them, but much to their surprise, they saw a side of Blue-robed Noble Sword User that remained unknown to others. 

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    Even though Blue-robed Noble Sword User had yet to enter Gate Realm, the perfectly thrown throwing knives and the dozens of mountain bandit corpses caused the two players who had already reached Gate Realm to feel a chill creeping down their spines. They counted their lucky stars that they did not act recklessly and caused trouble to Blue-robed Noble Sword User and his party.

    After all, Blue-robed Noble Sword User actually managed to remain calm and composed in the face of two martial artists at the peak of Gate Realm and one martial artist in Blessed Realm. The two people in the forest could only admit in regret that they could not compare to Blue-robed Noble Sword User's attitude and confidence.

    As they watched, they forgot their original goal for coming. 

    "Eastern Gate!" No one knew how much time had passed when Happy suddenly shouted from his position outside the stronghold. "Move southwest. Make your sword move in a zig-zag motion and pierce the center of his chest!"

    Eastern Green Gate had only been barely holding on against Second Bandit Chief who continued suppressing him when he suddenly changed the momentum of his sword. He changed the position of his feet and moved beautifully. He avoided Second Bandit Chief's attack, moved to the man's side, and without even thinking, he thrust his longsword straight at the center of Second Bandit Chief's chest, just like what Happy had instructed him to do. 

    Happy had given his pointer at the correct time. It was right at the moment Second Bandit Chief had ended his attack and before he could launch his next one. 

    When the man saw the longsword thrusting towards him, there was simply no way for him to dodge the attack. He could only watch it slice through the important pressure point that was at the center of his chest. 

    The bandit chief's attention was entirely on Happy, so he had not expected that his second-in-command, who had the upper hand all along, would suddenly make a mistake and be killed. When he registered the situation, blood had already flown everywhere! 

    His second-in-command had been stabbed. The man covered this chest with an incredulous expression and took a few staggering steps back before he fell to his knees with a thud and perished!

    The bandit chief was stunned speechless. 

    The increase in the realm of his martial arts filled Eastern Green Gate with extreme delight and excitement. He stared at Second Bandit Chief's corpse and could not believe that he had killed a martial artist at the peak of Gate Realm.