Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers' Wife Chapter 22

    Chapter 22: Yang Isnt That Stoic

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    When they heard Liu Duo say she wanted to go to town, of the four brothers, only Ye Mo slapped the table and stood up. "No! I won't allow it."

    His sudden outburst of anger happened so many times that Liu Duo had already become somewhat immune to it. She just treated him as air.

    Her wrist still had traces of the marks caused by the brute force yesterday! Hmmph, she didn't want to pay attention to him.

    "Little Duo, you want to go?" Ye Liu raised his eyebrows. He looked willing to discuss it. "You can go, but you need to call me master. Let's hear it."

    Liu Duo ignored the hooligan straightaway. She thought in her head, It's not like you are the master of this house! Tut!

    Ye Liu truly enjoyed looking at Liu Duo's cute angry expression.

    Ye Yang stood up calmly. "Let's go!" He went to the room to get money after he spoke.

    When Liu Duo saw that Ye Yang agreed, she clapped her hands and cheered, "Oh yeah! Yang is the best!"

    Ye Mo was panting with rage when he saw that Ye Yang agreed. He took a chopping knife, a backpack basket, and then rushed out through the yard door. He went out to get wood.

    Ye Liu shook his head at Ye Mo's behavior. When would Ye Mo change his bad temper?


    Ye Yang brought Liu Duo into town. They walked for half an hour before arriving in town. It made Liu Duo so tired that she bent down and tapped her legs.

    She had never walked such a long distance before. In the past, no matter where she went, she would always use her household's private car. Liu Duo really didn't want to continue to experience this feeling of traveling with her own legs.

    "Yang, why don't we take an ox cart when we go back later?" She saw an ox cart on the road. She wanted to get on it, but their condition at home did not allow for it.

    "Okay." Ye Yang saw that Liu Duo was tired. He decided in his heart, "Next time we come, we will also come by ox cart."

    The town was very lively. There were nonstop sounds of people selling things. Liu Duo looked around everywhere excitedly… This little Pingning town may be small, but it was very well stocked. All sorts of things were sold there. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    They arrived at the grain shop and Ye Yang said, with an air of familiarity, "Boss, give us two bags of forty jins coarse powder."

    The chubby boss said happily, "Okay. Eighty jin of coarse powder. One jin is four wen. The total is three hundred and sixty wen."

    Powder (flour) could be categorized into three types. Coarse, fine, and refined. And the price for each type was four wen per jin, six wen per jin, and eight wen per jin, respectively.

    The price for each kind of food was written on wooden signs. The characters used in this alternate reality were exactly the same as the characters used in modern times.

    The price of rice was divided into eight wen per jin for broken rice, ten wen per jin for coarse rice, and twenty wen per jin for polished rice.

    "Yang, can we buy a few jin of rice to eat?" It felt like she hadn't eaten any cooked rice for a long time. Although crude fiber was very healthy, one should still eat cooked rice, right?

    The hand Ye Yang used to carry money suddenly stopped. He looked at Liu Duo. Liu Duo was looking at him with a hopeful expression. Her dazzling big black eyes were very bright. "Add another five jin of polished rice."

    "Okay, okay, okay. Five jin of polished rice. Twenty wen per jin. The total is a hundred wen."

    "Add that with the three hundred and sixty wen for the coarse flour and the total is four hundred and sixty wen." The boss used an abacus. The sound of the beads hitting each other rang out.

    Liu Duo initially thought that they could just buy the coarse rice. Who would've thought Ye Yang would buy the polished rice straightaway. Liu Duo was so happy that she was grinning ear to ear.

    It turns out that Yang isn't that stoic! Liu Duo thought happily.

    The Herculean Ye Yang was lifting each sack of rice with one hand. Liu Duo took the initiative to take a sack with her arms, knowing that the pressure must have been hurting his palm.

    They bought the things they needed to buy and prepared to get on the ox cart that went back to their village. Liu Duo took a special look at the tailor's shop when they passed by it.

    She actually really wanted to buy some clothes. When the previous owner of the body went to the Ye family household, she only brought two changes of clothes beside the clothes that she wore. Moreover, they were washed until they were bleached white. The holes had been patched up multiple times.

    What woman wouldn't want to dress up prettily? There was no need to ask if this was true for the current Liu Duo!