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    Chapter 501 Fierce Battle Like Fire

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    Chapter 501 Fierce Battle Like Fire

    The Three Emperors of Central Province looked down in amazement at the red giant birds’ dead bodies.

    They still remembered that three months before, when they first met in Giant Holy City, Ding Hao still needed to rely on the accumulated power of the underground formation to suppress them. In recent days he was able to easily kill giant birds of the Untainted Land’s Alien Species, with about the combat strength of a Half Step Martial Royal; it was an overwhelming feat by itself. It meant that if Ding Hao wanted to kill the three of them, he could kill them as easily as pinching an ant.

    The other warriors of the Heaven Saber and Peerless Sword Alliance were also in a daze.

    They thought that their gathering of more than 80 people would instill fear among other warriors. Ding Hao would have relied on them, but the facts showed that it was just their wishful thinking.

    In front of the real supreme masters, sometimes the advantage in numbers was in fact laughable. If they really fought, Ding Hao alone could easily kill more than half of them.

    At that time, the warriors who still had other ideas also obeyed Ding Hao meekly.

    The battle ended quickly.

    Ding Hao killed the group of fierce red giant birds, but those warriors who tried their best to escape did not stop. They didn’t even took time to say thank you; they only flew toward the gate of the ancient road at a faster speed. Obviously, they didn’t want to stay there, not even a moment.

    Ding Hao frowned and stretched out his hand.

    A powerful force surged out and dragged a running warrior over in the air.

    “What happened?”

    Ding Hao asked a survivor who had escaped.

    “How dare you…? Ah, it turns out to be Lord Ding, the Saber and Sword Addict. Oh, my lord, it’s terrible. There are endless beast waves in front of us. Those fierce beasts stirred up a riot… too many… too many… so terrible… hundreds of thousands… oh God, they can’t be resisted by human beings at all…” The survivor knew Ding Hao, so he didn’t dare to neglect him, so he revealed the situation, although intermittently.

    He was a warrior at the peak of the Great Grandmaster Realm, and Ding Hao didn’t know which sect he belonged to. He was wounded all over, and it was obvious that he had been scared out of his wits; he shivered all over.

    “Why is it like this?” Ding Hao felt that things were not so simple.

    “A terrifying king-level giant beast appeared the day before yesterday. Legend has it that it was Zhuhuai, the Number 10 in the 72 Divine Beasts of Earth Evil from the ancient times. It was as large as a mountain and it could swallow up a demonic force in one go. It drove all the ferocious beasts along the ancient road to gather, hunt and kill humans and demons. That was a dead end. Everyone was killed, they all died… Even the demonic forces such as Silver Moon and Bu Tian Que’s Ancient Demon Clan suffered a great loss. Song Que and others from the Blue Cloud Sect were stuck on the ancient road end and nobody knew whether they were alive or not.”

    “Don’t go there. You’d better escape before you’re targeted, or you will all be killed!”

    After saying that, the survivor flew toward the ancient road like a stray dog.

    The sounds of a massacre could be heard all around.

    Scarlet light shot up to the sky.

    The endless beast herds, like a tide, surrounded thousands of top masters of both the Human Clan and the Demon Clan.

    The strange-shaped giant beasts were so massive that they launched a desperate and crazy attack. The earth trembled and whined. The scattered masters of the two clans were forced to gather. Around the mountains, they had set up an inscription formation and a demon formation in the first place with the help of the local terrain, barely blocking the impact of the beast herds!

    In the distant sky.

    A giant black beast about a kilometer high was looming in the clouds, accompanied by thunder and lightning. It was like a giant bovine, but it had ears similar to those of a wild boar, and four long horns that seemed to be sword peaks inserted into the clouds. Its eyes were like a blood-red sun and a moon hanging in the air, constantly roaring like babies crying…

    Led by that enormous beast, all the fierce beasts of the alien species seemed to be crazy. Some of them were flying in the sky and some advancing on the ground; some were nine-headed lions and some were winged tigers. Many other monsters were emerging from the ground, like pangolins, with shining scales covering their bodies. All of them were roaring, and their sound even overwhelmed the sky and the sun. They were rushing toward the masters of the two clans.

    The ground trembled and the mountains collapsed.

    After fighting for almost half the night, the blood of the killed giant beasts flowed along the mountain ditch, forming a blood waterfall. The whole world was filled with the smell of blood, and the earth turned red. The ancient forest with giant trees was burning fiercely…

    It felt like Doomsday.

    Living creatures were dying all the time.

    Many masters of the Demon Clan had already revealed their true forms, transforming into wild beasts. They began to tussle with the monsters of Surviving Species of the Untainted Land.

    The warriors of the Human Clan were fighting back-to-back to assemble some small tactical formations. Once the ominous beasts of the untainted land broke through the inscription formation, they would immediately launch a surprise attack. Many people were covered in blood, fighting hard. Even the high-end magic weapons in their hands had been broken, and they fell into an extremely difficult situation…

    “Kill all these invaders! Revenge!”

    A spiritual fluctuation burst forth from the body of that black giant beast, and like a hurricane, it spread between heaven and the earth.

    All the ominous beasts present seemed to go crazy by that fluctuation; they rushed toward the mountains recklessly.

    After entering the ancient road to the west, the masters of the Human Clan and the Demon Clan were plundering without restraint, finally stirring up the blood revenge of the natives. Everything was too terrible once the beasts gathered to fight back.

    At the very center of the surrounding area.

    Supreme masters of the Human Clan and the Demon Clan gathered in the void, among them Song Que, the Demon Royal Bu Tian Que, the Demon Royals of Silver Moon’s Ancient Demon Clan of the Evil Royal Valley, Big Bull’s Demon Clan, the Extermination Sword Sect and the World Club. Their eyes were as sharp as lightning. Looking around, they stood guard at the center of the battlefield. Once powerful ominous beasts of the Surviving Species of the Untainted Land charged into the defensive circle, they would immediately kill them…

    “Where is Ding Hao? Why is he not here? Is he controlling the beast herds behind us?” The Demon Royal Evil Heart smiled insidiously and said, “He might be part of the Surviving Species of the Untainted Land considering he has that white cat. He has the appearance of an eagle and he is deep-minded, so we have to guard against him!”

    “Brother Ding is simply behind us. Evil Heart, what do you mean by saying that?” Song Que said angrily, “Now that the enemy is in front of us, the most important thing for us is to find a way to solve the problem. What’s the point of your bullshit?”

    “Song Que, do you think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

    “Really? Nine-Tailed Fox, come and fight with me if you dare!”

    “Stop quarrelling. I noticed that these ferocious beasts are being controlled by the Zhuhuai. Capture the ring-leader first in order to capture all its followers… ” Bai Shuiquan, the supreme master from the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect raised his sword-like eyebrows and pointed at the massive black beast that was several thousand meters tall hovering in the sky. He said, “Why don’t we attack together to kill that savage beast first? Then, the other ferocious beasts will definitely run away.”

    The others agreed with his suggestion.

    “Well, let’s fight together! The Zhuhuai, is a top ten alien species among the Divine Beasts of Earth Evil. All of its body parts are treasures, from its blood essence, fur, bones to its heart. Let’s try to get whatever we can with our own abilities.”

    Before his voice had died away

    “Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

    More than a dozen supreme masters turned into streamers and rushed out of the inscription formation.

    Their rapid figures split the clouds in the void and rushed toward the giant black beast.

    “Damned invaders, kill!” Zhuhuai, the giant beast, released waves of mental fluctuations.

    Obviously, it had also discovered the motives of those invaders. When the blood sun and moon-like eyes opened and closed, countless blood lightning descended from the sky and covered the area within a radius of a few thousand meters like pouring rain, enveloping itself within the lightning. Then, it roared and an indescribable stench wave exploded from its mouth, sweeping away the thick wisps of clouds in the surroundings. Several low stone mountains on the ground were turned over in an instant…

    A fierce battle was about to begin.

    As expected, the Zhuhuai deserved to be a king-level giant beast of the Divine Beasts of Earth Evil from the ancient times. It was extremely terrifying.

    The Zhuhuai was like a cow, but it had a pair of human eyes, pig ears, four horns, and its shape was extremely strange. It was born with the ability to control wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It was vaguely in harmony with the laws of heaven and earth. With a few roars, endless rain of thunder and lightning began to spread, and the ground was split open, leaving bottomless cracks, from which magma was emerging…

    The Demon Royal Evil Heart had underestimated his enemy and was at a great disadvantage.

    He had rushed to the front since he was eager to get the Zhuhuai’s blood essence, but he was caught off guard and was hit by a purple lightning as thick as a bucket. He spewed purple smoke on the spot and the purple light was splashing all over his body, eventually falling straight from the sky into the crimson magma below!

    The others gasped in astonishment.

    Even supreme masters at the pinnacle of martial arts would have the risk of being killed by fierce beasts.

    The Zhuhuai had remained hidden in the ancient road to the west for tens of thousands of years, becoming overlord of that area in the process. He was like an emperor high above and had already reached adulthood. His strength was far above the ordinary fierce beasts of the untainted land. Even if everyone attacked him at the same time, he might still continue his undefeated streak!

    “The Life Seal of Heaven and Earth!”

    Song Que roared and a huge round martial seal in crimson appeared in front of him.

    The martial seal turned like a massive rotary table, on which nine strange symbols were arranged. Those symbols were as red as blood and had an inexplicable pressure. Every time it rotated, the nine symbols would emit a bright red light, merging together and turning into a torrent of power, constantly attacking the Zhuhuai.

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

    The terrible power, which had killed the Sun-swallowing Demon Royal in a second, bombarded the giant Zhuhuai, causing its black short hair to fly in all directions. However, it only forced the Divine Beast of Earth Evil to step back and it couldn’t even break through its body defense!

    “Thousands of Li of Snow Falling in Red!”

    The Demon Royal Bu Tian Que shouted and displayed his demon skills.

    A flash of splendor was seen on the surface of his body, producing an invisible attraction force which absorbed all the corpses lying about, including martial artists, vicious beasts, and warriors from both the Human Clan and the Demon Clan. Rays of blood were extracted from the corpses and a huge blood river was formed like a suspending waterfall in the sky and headed his way. Then the waterfall turned into tiny blood snowflakes, constantly swirling around the Zhuhuai’s enormous body, like death blades.

    “Clang! Clang! Clang!”

    Sparks splashed all over the Zhuhuai, with a sound of metal crashing.

    All the blood snowflakes were shattered!

    The other supreme masters were making their attacks at the same time.

    The only advantage was that the Zhuhuai was massive and it was very easy to hit. However, the horrifying power hitting him only forced him to step back; it couldn’t break through that hard layer of black fur…

    The battle heated up in an instant.

    With a roar, the Demon Royal Evil Heart turned into a purple light and escaped from the underground magma.

    He shouted, “Everyone, don’t hold back. Kill this beast as soon as possible, or we’ll all die today!” His purple demon aura was rolling and the beast showed his true body.

    It was a purple nine-tailed fox, more than a hundred meters tall. Its nine tails were swaying as if they were magical chains. Various kinds of ancient characters of the Demon Clan were flickering, which were thought to have been lost in history. Those characters were extremely evil.

    The eyes of the Demon Royal Evil Heart shot purple light columns, and his tail suddenly began to extend like a crazy vine. The tail spread out and tied up the Zhuhuai in circles. The ancient demon characters flashed and released the power of the Demon God, trying to directly cut the Zhuhuai in two pieces, right between his waist and abdomen.


    The Zhuhuai looked up to the sky and cried out in pain. It was the first time that he had felt pain.

    The Demon Royal Evil Heart was overjoyed. He continued to exert his strength and fixed the Zhuhuai in the void.

    “A good chance!” A bright idea came to Song Que’s mind. A mottled green bronze mirror appeared in his hand, releasing an aura that made both heaven and earth tremble.

    Crimson splendor blossomed through the green rust on the mirror; it was added to the Life Seal of Heaven and Earth in front of him. In an instant, the martial seal expanded by dozens of times, until it had a diameter of a hundred meters. The nine red characters of magic blood were flashing rapidly, then they flew out of the martial seal, creating a head that was connected with its tail, turning into a lifelike evil fire-dragon. Then, he opened his mouth and directly bit the Zhuhuai’s back!


    The Zhuhuai’s fur was finally torn open, and a stream of red blood flowed like a fountain.

    “Haha, thank you so much!” The supreme master from Silver Moon’s Ancient Demon Clan laughed loudly and waved his hand. Immediately, a large amount of blood was drawn out from the Zhuhuai’s wounds and entered his palm as though it had a life of its own. It was instantly compressed into a blood pill the size of a longan; it began to spin in circles, giving off layers of blood light.

    The Zhuhuai was a moving treasure.

    Although the Blood Pill didn’t include the Zhuhuai’s blood essence, it was still a rare treasure. Even if an ordinary beast swallowed the pill, it could initiate enlightenment and evolve into a pure-blooded demon. It was equivalent to the magical power of ordinary demons after five hundred years of hard cultivation and ordinary beasts could even gain part of the Zhuhuai’s magical power.

    Song Que gave a cold snort but said nothing.

    They only had themselves to blame, since they had agreed to rely on their own abilities when it came to get what they could.

    When they were more than 25 kilometers away from the battlefield, the people of the Heaven Saber and Peerless Sword Alliance were shocked by what they saw.

    Even if they had been mentally prepared, and most of them were battle geniuses exposed to the line between life and death, when they saw the endless number of fierce beasts of the untainted land submerging mountains one after another, the earth collapsing with lava flowing and mountain-slides breaking the void…

    All of that was like the end of the Asura’s Hell.

    The masters of the Heaven Saber and Peerless Sword Alliance were asking themselves: If they, with more than eighty people, rushed forward, they would be drowned by the crazy beasts in less than a quarter of an hour!

    No wonder those warriors of the Human Clan had risked their lives to escape.

    The beasts couldn’t be defeated by human beings.

    “Shall we… go there?” The eldest of the Three Emperors of Central Province was almost scared out of his wits. He felt that his legs were trembling and his voice was also shaking.

    The other warriors couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread.

    It wasn’t a simple risk; it was a death sentence.

    Fierce beasts were seen everywhere. No warriors of the Human Clan and the forces of the Demon Clan could be seen in the distance. Maybe they all were wiped out?

    Li Yiruo was also a little worried and gently held Ding Hao’s hand.

    “You should retreat 25 kilometers to arrange a defense station. Once the beast hordes come to this direction, you should immediately withdraw from the ancient road to the west. I’ll go to see it myself…” Ding Hao finally made a decision.

    He couldn’t see the battle in the distance with clarity, because all kinds of violent flames and chaotic aura isolated all perceptions, and it was impossible for him to know how far the battle had progressed. However, if the fierce beasts of the untainted land were still attacking, it at least showed that there were still some survivors, so he had to go and see for himself.

    Because Song Que, that fatty, was likely to be there.

    Ding Hao could ignore anyone.

    But he had to rescue that fatty.

    Because Song Que had spared no effort to support him many past matters. He knew he wouldn’t be a gentleman if he never repaid a kindness owed.

    Before his voice had died away

    Ding Hao directly turned into a stream of light and rushed forward.

    “Take Adorable with you!” Li Yiruo knew that she would make more trouble if she went there, so she sent her pet out.

    If Ding Hao was in danger, Adorable’s invincible bubbles would be very useful.

    “Ha-ha-ha!” The little dolphin shouted discontentedly.

    With a flash of white light, Evil Moon, the fat cat, waved its fleshy wings to swing, catching Adorable on its back, and then he caught up with Ding Hao like lightning.

    Everything became clear as they got closer and closer to the battlefield.

    Massive black ox-like monsters stood between heaven and earth. Lightning rumbled and rain poured down. A small field was formed within a kilometer radius, almost turning into a storm country. However, on the ground, lava was constantly spurting out. The crimson liquid burned the earth and solidified into rocks under the cooling of rain. Then, the rocks were directly crushed by the aftermath of the battle.

    Everything was in chaos.

    Ding Hao finally saw that Song Que and more than a dozen top masters were fighting hard against the Zhuhuai, the giant beast, with difficulty. Some of them were injured.

    Six of the Evil Heart’s tails had been broken, and the scattered fox fur was flying all over the sky. The Silver Moon’s supreme master had almost been pierced through, leaving a shocking horn mark. He was evidently stabbed by the Zhuhai’s horns. At the same time, a martial seal with four red sides was floating around Song Que at the same time, four incomplete fire dragons were flying and roaring, firmly protecting him. He was the lightest injured among the crowd!

    Three simple ancient swords were hovering around another master of the Human Clan; they emitted a monstrous sword intent. In every fight, a destructive sword radiance shot out and continually left wounds on the body of the Zhuhuai, the giant beast, causing blood stains to spread further…

    Ding Hao glanced roughly and knew that both sides were in a very delicate and balanced state for the time being.

    For a moment, no one could do anything to the other.

    However, the situation was extremely unfavorable to both the Human Clan and the Demon Clan.

    Because tens of thousands of beasts had gained the absolute advantage, suppressing the remaining cultivators from the two clans, who numbered less than 1,500, into a mountain range. The flames from the inscription formation were already dim and full of holes. Obviously, they could not hold on for long. Once the masters from the two clans were wiped out, the beast crowd of the untainted land would turn to attack more than a dozen supreme masters. Even if it took a long time, Song Que and the others would be exhausted to death!

    He had to deal with the giant beast, Zhuhuai, as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, everyone would be in danger!

    Ding Hao made a decision in an instant. With a slight roar, he directly dived down toward the battle circle.

    Hundreds of alien creatures on guard discovered Ding Hao and surrounded him to stop him with roars!

    With a thought in his mind, hundreds of Black Frost Divine Weapons appeared beside him in an instant.

    When a person’s strength reached the Great Grandmaster Realm, he could condense hundreds of Black Frost Divine Weapons with a thought. Ding Hao was activating the Hell Ice Qi. In an instant, the cold air in the air was absorbed and then projected, and huge pieces of ice fell in a moment.

    Ding Hao waved his hand.

    In the next moment, they were shot like silver snakes dancing wildly. Blood splashed and bones were broken like white and red flowers blooming. All kinds of feathers fell, and miserable cries rose one after another. The Qi was transformed into sharp swords. More than a dozen weaker beasts were instantly crushed into a cloud of blood fog by the sharp swords and they fell on the ground!

    The situation was urgent; Ding Hao killed beasts mercilessly.

    He didn’t fight too much with those fearless birds. He used his Qi to protect himself and directly rushed into the flock of murderous birds. He ran into a blood road, like a red iron inserted into cream. He rushed through and directly cut through the flock of alien ferocious birds!

    “Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

    The four sword intents of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, like golden transparent waves of Qi, separated the energy turbulence in the clouds and slashed at the Zhuhuai, the divine beast.

    “Little Chap Ding… hahaha, I knew you would come!” Song Que looked up and saw Ding Hao. His chubby face showed surprise and he laughed excitedly. “You and I will fight side by side to kill this Divine Beast of Earth Evil. It’s also a good story!”

    Ding Hao was also full of heroic spirit. He laughed loudly and said, “Today, I’ll just take a drop of blood essence of the divine beast as a gift for Brother Song.”

    As he spoke, four more sword intents burst out silently.

    At the moment Ding Hao had reached a very pure level to master sword intent. Even if he didn’t pull out his sword, he could silently release sword intent with a thought.

    The cushion in the Sword Tower was a great moment of enlightenment to him.

    It was the essence of sword intent. The intent was before the sword. The intent was used to activate the sword as fast as lightning and thunder. The tangible thing turned into something intangible.

    Although he was still at the level of 20% of sword intent, his killing power was even more unpredictable.

    In the twinkling of an eye, dozens of strange wounds were inflicted to the Zhuhuai, the giant beast. Some of them were charred black, some were covered with ice crystals, some with black hair, and some had been gray and withered. Such injuries were obviously a great threat to the giant beast, so that a crazed Zhuhuai immediately set Ding Hao as his target, attacking him madly!

    “Brother, be careful. The horns are too terrifying!” Song Que hurriedly reminded Ding Hao.

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