Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 89

89 Prince Alucard Vs Leo

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"Urgghh.It hurts" a man was writhing in pain on the ground.

"Y-you..Dylan's i-is just a f-fake used.You're actually..Leo!" Prince Ashton landed on his butt as fear is clearly written on his face as his finally realized that he was made a fool from the very beginning.

Leo smiled and said, "Too late" before he continued his journey deeper and around are at least seven people who are lying on the ground, some of them are unconscious while some are writhing in pain screaming for help.

"Bas..tard" Prince Ashton gritted his teeth in anger as he slowly stood up while glaring at the direction where Leo disappeared to while clutching his bloodied chest.


"This is really weird, how come they have a lot of mutants among?" Leo murmured trying to figure out why the royal family has multiple mutants among them and also felt envious at the same time as his group does not even have a mutant among them except the fact that Caleb has superhuman reflexes, Alex who is considered a humanoid android and Zabu, Alastair and David who had their own specialties but there's no indigenous humans that have properly mutated yet.

"Now, then. Where to go?" Leo stopped in his tracks as he enlarged his system map in front of him. What he was a long corridor with rooms at every side and further leads to a huge space around 50 meters square meters which is full of people who are showing hostility towards Leo as they were labeled as red dots in the map and further more of that space is huge room probably where the royalties resides as there are a few people inside it.

"I'm that I think about it. I don't really need to fight this guys as I only came here to plunder, hehe" Leo grinned as he glance towards his right where it leads to another section of the place.

"Sayonara b*tches!" Leo dashed towards the right direction with no plans of ever engaging the hostile targets ahead.


Inside the surveillance room.

"Bastard! He's headed towards the Research Bay! After him!" Prince Alucard pounded the table in front of him and ordered the soldiers equipped with tower shields who are stationed in the open space in front of them to chase after Leo through a secured intercom.

"Your highness! It would be useless even if we sent them after the intruder. After all, that person took out the groups of mutants easily like their just kids fooling around him!" One of the generals advice Prince Alucard hastily as he thinks it was a bad idea sending the soldiers after Leo.

Prince Alucard's face twisted in anger as he rushed towards the general and lifted him up through the collars of his neck.

"Then are you saying that I should just let him do whatever he wants here?" Prince Alucard growled.

The general that was lifted started flailing around on his feet as he glanced at the person sitting at a sofa from the corner of his eyes, pleading for help.

"Put him down and you go..personally take care of the problem" an aged voice of a woman sounded in the room as the other people in the room tried to make sure not to make a sound.

Prince Alucard brought the general down and half knelt in front of the person sitting on sofa and said respectfully, "Yes, your majesty!"

Leo stood up and step back for a bit before leaving the room with a woman following behind him.


"Research Bay II?" Leo said as he passed through the plaque with those words written in neon lights above the entrance door.

Leo then immediately came to a halt as his feet slid on the floor as he stopped in a room filled with a few lab equipment and then he noticed a few people wearing white lab coats huddle up in a corner looking at him in fear.

"Heh, it seems these people here doesn't value their scientist a lot for them to left all alone here when the alarm went off earlier" Leo said to himself as he slowly walked towards them.

"Y-you, what do you want!?" A middle aged immediately stood up and protected the two ladies behind him, even though his legs are clearly shaking in fear.

"Say, why do you scientist who should be valued more now in this times..all alone here?" Leo pulled out a chair and said to them as his eyes also glance at the mini map at the corner of his eyes, ignoring the fact that there is someone coming towards his direction.

'It seems this people really still underestimates me for them to only send one person' Leo thought to himself as he just looked at the three people before him.

"So, are you gonna answer me?" Leo smiled.

"Y-yes, w-we are t-the.." the man stuttered at first then took a deep breath and continued, "It's because we are the only less important scientist by those bastards! They said our skills are not up to par like those main scientist!Why are we labeled second string scientist? Our skills are just the same as the rest of them! F*ck them! F*ck them all! Haa..haa...haa" the man suddenly said in a barrage of curses and then started breathing heavily after that.

Leo stared at him in shocked as he wasn't expecting that the man would suddenly erupt in curses, 'Damn! I think he got a few screws loose' Leo thought in shock.

Leo then immediately grinned widely, "Then, how about you three come with me? We might need someone of your skills back at the base, what do you three think?"

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you guys are treated better than you guys staying here" Leo immediately added.

"Will w-we have our own complete set of lab equipment?" one of the women suddenly said. She was around Leo's age, blonde long hair and somewhat of a beaut of her own.

Leo looked over towards the woman and immediately noticed her eye, 'Green eyes, how rare' he thought.

"Of course!" Leo immediately said without hesitation, 'We don't even have a proper lab and equipment but what the heck, right? They won't be able to get away once they're there, kekeke' Leo thought laughingly.

"Alright, I'm in" the blonde woman slowly stood up and agreed followed by the other two.

"But we have a condition" the other woman, a middle aged hastily said as she suddenly remembered something.

"Say it"

"I want our families to come too"

"Right, if you want us to come then our families should come too"

"Alright, no problem" Leo immediately agree as he slowly stood up from the chair and then suddenly said, "Are you done watching?"

"Eh?" the three were suddenly confused about that but then they immediately realized that the question wasn't directed towards them.

"My, you're really something eh?" Prince Alucard said smiling as he appeared from the shadows.

"P-prince Alucard!" the three immediately yelled in the same time.

"You three, go and hide outside for a bit" Leo said at the three.

"Y-yes" the trio hastily nodded and slowly went out of the lab as they tried to avoid Prince Alucard.

"Before we start to fight, let me do something first" Leo said and without even the permission of the other party, started packing up all the lab equipment into his Inventory under the shocked gaze of Prince Alucard.

A few moments later.

"Okay done" Leo said as he clapped his hands trying to get the non-existent dust off.

Prince Alucard immediately regained his bearings as he looks at Leo with full of interest, "Shall we?"

"You know...I don't swing that way, your highness" Leo said grinning from ear to ear and then he suddenly disappeared from his position.

"W-what?" Prince Alucard was startled for a second before he felt that there was someone behind him.

"You shouldn't be turning your back towards your enemy" Leo said as he suddenly appeared behind Alucard as he picked him up by the top of his head and threw him at the wall.


"Gahh!" Prince Alucard threw up a mouthful of blood as he slid down from the wall and stood wobbly for a bit as he wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Strong! Hahaha!" Alucard suddenly started laughing maniacally as his body started transforming.

"Did he suddenly become an idiot?" Leo said as he charged towards Alucard.