Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 106

107 A Human Named Leo

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Leo just sighed and pulled a still intact chair and sat down on it with his head hung low but when he raised his head, he suddenly froze before he bursted into cheers

"God is good!" Leo exclaimed in joy as he was facing an unadorned chest in the opposite direction of where he was sitting, just waiting there at the edge of the office doorway waiting for him just a..few...couple yards...away...from him.

In Leo's eyes, the chest was like a seductress woman with vivacious curves trying to lure him to go towards it and he just did what his instinct was telling him! He immediately jumped up from his chair and made a beeline towards it.

Leo then slid with his knees on the ground towards the chest and he immediately hugged it like he was hugging a beautiful woman that he didn't want to let go!

"You're mine! Mwahaha!" Leo started laughing like an idiot while rubbing his cheek along the surface of the chest. If people familiar to him saw him right now, they would probably misunderstood that he had finally gone insane from stress with what's happening around the world right now. Sadly, even if Leo did become insane. No mental hospital would accept him at all! Because.they had become zombies already! You can't possibly have a meat eating zombie take care of a living human who only had a mental...mental something!

Leo then immediately yanked the chest open, destroying the poor lock attached to it! What greeted him was glittering five small bottles! Four bottles had light green liquid inside while the last one contained a crimson liquid that looks very familiar to Leo!

Leo hastily picked one bottle with a light green liquid and the system immediately showed him what the item is.

[Beast Transformation Potion - gives the user a random beast-like form and gaining animal like senses, speed, strength, and agility]

"S-shit! awesome!" Leo smiled from ear to ear and he immediately inspected the other bottles and what he discovered made him howl in joy!


The crimson bear appeared and roared with dominance behind him!

[Beast Transformation Potion - gives the user a random beast-like form and gaining animal like senses, speed, strength, and agility]

[Elemental Ability Potion - gives the user a random elemental ability from one of the elements of either Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning or Wind]

[Beast Manipulation Potion - allows the user to gain an ability to tame any beast around him/her. Effect varies from how powerful the user is.

Warning - user must at all times remember that you should be able to beat the beast you're facing or it won't work]

[Zombie Vaccine Potion X] - the most powerful vaccine the allows the body to safely and instantaneously learn to make its own antibodies to kill the zombie virus or a person who wants an immunity to the said virus. It's also an item that acts as a cure to someone who got bitten.

Warning: Only effective to people that haven't turned yet]

Leo immediately jumped from his kneeling position and started shadow boxing in happiness.

"I freaking won the "lottery" for the f*cking...first time!"

"My god! The rewards this time is freaking huge!" Leo slightly bent his body downward and clenched both of his fist in joy.

Leo then closed the chest carefully like it was made of fragile glass and put it inside his Inventory.

Leo then made a sigh of relief and slowly made his way down towards the second floor with a huge smile on his face while already making plans on whom he should give the potions to.


"Hey Matt, what do you think was that light earlier?" a man around thirty years old asked the young man beside him who was around twenty two or twenty five years old while currently keeping a lookout from the 2nd floor window of the Beetham Tower and would shoot some ordinary zombies that got near from time to time before the pillar of light but now, the streets are literally cleaned of zombies or any other hostile creatures.

"How the hell would I know?" Matt also doing the same thing from another window rolled his eyes.

"But I do know that pillar of light originated from the top of this Tower" Matt added.

"How did you even came into that conclusion?" the other guy took off his eyes from the scope of his M1 Garand and looked at Matt.

Matt didn't answer but just pointed to the next door five story tall building made from steel and glass that's currently reflecting the image of Beetham Tower at them.

"It's really surprising that you didn't even notice it, William" Matt snickered.

William just ignored what Matt said as he suddenly realized something, "Wait, there's a chance that Commander already reached the top floor and maybe..just maybe he was the one behind the pillar of light or probably from an object he got"

When William got into that conclusion, both Matt and William just looked at each other with shocked visible in their eyes and then they looked away like nothing actually happened but deep in their hearts, they swore that if Leo was really the person behind that pillar of light then...they don't really know what to feel because the mystery behind Leo just became thicker and both of them don't know how to explain how absurd the current power of Leo would be right now.

So they swore in their hearts that they would wholeheartedly follow Leo, the man who gave them and their families and many others, the safety and a hopeful future amidst this era of "darkness".


"I wonder what the heck was that light" Henry, standing atop the wall said while looking at the direction of Manchester City.

"But it certainly came from the City" Rachel added from the side.

Right now, there were a lot of people standing on top of the walls like they are soldiers, ready to face an army but no..they were there as they were curious about the light earlier as the Stronghold got also covered in it.

Various discussions and theories were being talked about and there's the Engineer Alastair who are currently engaged on a intense discussion with Dan and the rest of the scientist the Leo brought back before and their discussion was about the pillar of light that clearly came from the city.


Every single place, the people who are living on the places that got covered in the power of Cleansing Orb was also discussing amongst themselves. There's even clever people who used the chance from miraculous light earlier to create a cult of their own about some god that descended into the world as their own force.

And with how the world had become, a lot of people believed on their preaches and joined them. Clearly showing how humans are really fragile, that they would immediately believed into something when in despair and fear always gripping their whole being.

So they just believed...believed at their preachers that a god had truly descended and would lead them into a bright future.

Sadly for them, there was no god that came but only an object called "Cleansing Orb" and a human named Leo.