Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 Someone Who Wont Accept A Single Bit Of Loss

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Seeing Jie Feng connect with Ye Mo, Teng XIong and Lan Qirui’s face didn’t look good. Teng Xiong quickly said “pill king Ye, there’s four spirit range what do you think?”
He only thought of it as a joke when Ye Mo said he wanted all of it but now he didn’t think so. If Ye Mo really wanted all of it and he had Jie Feng to help him there was nothing he could do.
Ye Mo didn’t care about these spirit ranges. If it was before he went into the void fissure he definitely would take all of it but now, he was too wealthy.
The reason he said he would take all of it was to assert his dominance and take authority for dividing up the spirit nourishing well. Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of these few people but in the cultivation realm, it was taboo to take everything for yourself.
Now that he got what he wanted as Teng Xiong was asking him how to divide things, Ye Mo wasn’t going to stay dominant. If news of the spirit refining pearl got out, it wouldn’t be one or two truth realisation states coming.
No matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t annihilate all truth realisation state cultivators. Power was everything in the cultivation realm but you can’t draw too much hate. Throughout history, no matter how powerful the master, if he had too many foes, he didn’t end up well.
Ye Mo laughed “how do I dare to divide the things here, the reason I said that was because I didn’t like how some people were being so cocky.”
Ye Mo continued “I feel like palace lord Teng has a lot of knowledge, his decision would be more considerate than mine…”
Everyone dazed, what was Ye Mo doing? Even Teng Xiong felt strange.
But the following words Ye Mo said made Teng Xiong completely understand, Ye Mo laughed “island lord Gong is very generous and doesn’t want a share of this allowing everyone to have more. but I agree to palace lord Teng a lot, only the first person here has the right to split the things here. I came later than all of you, I don’t have the right to divide things. Palace lord Teng said he came here first, then I believe it’s better for him to divide things.”
Hearing this, everyone understood what was going on and cursed Ye Mo for being shameless. Ye Mo was not only going to take the good things and still wanted to stand on moral high grounds. He really was someone that didn’t want to lose out on anything. Only Jie Feng knew Ye Mo wasn’t such person.
How could Teng Xiong not know what Ye Mo meant but if he didn’t want to fight with Ye Mo, he would have to speak the truth. He coughed and said in embarrassment “I’m not the first one here either, pill king Ye’s friend came here first. In that case, let your friend divide things up.”
Ye Mo clapped “oh, so sister Miao came first? I almost made a big mistake, since you all don’t have any opinions then sister Miao, please help us divide things.”
How could Miao Huizhen not know what Ye Mo meant, although she knew Ye Mo came for the spirit nourishing well, she wasn’t certain if Ye Mo didn’t want the extreme grade spirit ranges at all.
So she immediately said “pill king Ye saved my life, I believe that no matter what is found here, pill king Ye gets the first share and then we can split the rest evenly, how about it?”
With this, everyone agreed. Ye Mo was the strongest here and wanted to take all four to begin with. Gong Zhe objected and was easily killed. Who dared to say no?
It seems Ye Mo was being reasonable everywhere but this made Teng Xiong very annoyed. He had no choice but to find something to talk “pill king Ye, I wonder how my son Teng Yi is?”
“I don’t know.” Ye Mo’s answer almost made him spit blood but there was nothing he could do about Ye Mo.
Jie Feng felt good and said “in that case, let’s open all the spirit ranges here first.”
“okay.” Lan Qirui agreed.
The huge rock was easily opened revealing four spirit range but as soon as they showed, a huge white jade pond beneath it was also revealed. It had clearly been there since antiquity and it was filled more than half with a milky white liquid.
“spirit nourishing pond…” people called out at the same time.
A faint aroma came and even Lan Qirui couldn’t help calling out. The pond was at almost 700 square meter in size. This was invaluable.
Even Teng Yi and Gong Zhe realized that Ye Mo probably already knew there was the spirit nourishing well here.
They all looked at Ye Mo. The four extreme grade spirit range were already extremely precious things but it was really nothing to truth realisation state level nine cultivators compared to spirit nourishing well. This was something useful to truth realisation state peak stage cultivators. No one wanted to give up on this.
Ye Mo saw this and saluted with his fists “I didn’t expect there to be spirit nourishing well here. Let me confirm if it’s real.”
Then, Ye Mo jumped into the white jade pond. Everyone saw this and the corner of their eyes spasmed. This was damaging the well, one only needed to scoop a drop with his finger.
But no one questioned Ye Mo for doing this.
Ye Mo wasn’t trying to damage the well, he was checking where the spirit refining pearl was. He could walk around the pond and test it but then people would be suspicious. Thus, he jumped into the pond and emitted his powerful domain. He soon noticed something different. The density of the well was the greatest the furthest away from him.
Ye Mo frowned.
This uneven distribution of density would soon be noticed if they came down.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo stood above the pond and went to the other side before saying “I think I only want one spirit range and as for this spirit nourishing well, I’ll only take a quarter. You guys can split the rest.”
Then, Ye Mo set up a few restrictions and separated the one quarter that he said was his and then forcefully used his domain to stir up the remaining three quarters making their density even. Then, he landed on his one quarter and took an extreme grade spirit range.
Ye Mo did things very naturally and although seeming a little dominant, no one questioned him. Lan Qirui even felt lucky that Ye Mo only wanted a quarter not half.
Seeing this, Jie Feng quickly went down and took a quarter from the remaining pond and took a spirit range “I’ve taken mine.”
Teng Xiong was the next to go, he took a spirit range and took a third of the remaining liquid.
It was Lan Qirui and Miao Huizhen left. Lan Qirui looked at Miao Huizhen “we’ll split evenly what’s left, how about it?”