Strike Back Proud Goddess Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Xiao Yao, Captain of Special Forces

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Tang Xi paused. God, she had forgotten that Sa was also very good at computer. Now that she had told him that she hacked the database of Special Forces, would he ask her to PK with him?

"Sa, I've told you that I'm a little fairy. I was just hiding my power before…"

"So you don't have to hide it now?"

Tang Xi knew that he had already seen through her and she could no longer cover up her lie, so she blurted out, "Yao is in danger right now. How could I still hide my power?!"

Xiao Sa suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Rourou, what you said sounded so real that I can almost believe it!"

Tang Xi was stunned and stared blankly at Xiao Sa, while the latter stood up and went towards the kitchen. "Okay, don't daydream. You're just an ordinary person. Concentrate on your studies. Even if you are really a fairy, I still won't forget the bet with you. If you don't study hard and lose the bet, you'll have to give me your endorsement fee of one million yuan."