Strike Back Proud Goddess Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Xiao Yao, Captain of Special Forces

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Tang Xi paused. God, she had forgotten that Sa was also very good at computer. Now that she had told him that she hacked the database of Special Forces, would he ask her to PK with him?

“Sa, I’ve told you that I’m a little fairy. I was just hiding my power before…”

“So you don’t have to hide it now?”

Tang Xi knew that he had already seen through her and she could no longer cover up her lie, so she blurted out, “Yao is in danger right now. How could I still hide my power?!”

Xiao Sa suddenly burst out laughing and said, “Rourou, what you said sounded so real that I can almost believe it!”

Tang Xi was stunned and stared blankly at Xiao Sa, while the latter stood up and went towards the kitchen. “Okay, don’t daydream. You’re just an ordinary person. Concentrate on your studies. Even if you are really a fairy, I still won’t forget the bet with you. If you don’t study hard and lose the bet, you’ll have to give me your endorsement fee of one million yuan.”

Shaking his head, Xiao Jing also stood up and walked into the kitchen, saying that he was going to help Xiao Sa. He rubbed Tang Xi’s head and said with a smile, “Little Rourou, you’re really imaginative. If you are free, you can try writing a novel. I will definitely read it.”

Tang Xi stared blankly after the two brothers who had entered the kitchen. So they thought she was just kidding around and accompanied her to play a drama of brother-sister affection?

Why did she suddenly feel like crying?!

These two brothers should be actors!

In the kitchen, Xiao Sa was leaning against the counter while Xiao Jing was leaning against the bar, and the both of them were looking worried. Xiao Sa asked, “Do you think Yao is really in danger?”

Xiao Jing replied with a nod, “I’ve been feeling so uneasy since I received his phone call.”

“And Mom, she hurt her hand because she felt something was wrong,” Xiao Sa added. He then looked at Xiao Jing and continued, “Also, do you believe Little Rourou is a fairy? Could it be that she overheard what Yao said on the phone?”

Xiao Jing turned his head to look at Tang Xi, who was playing her cell phone on the sofa, and smiled. “If she is really a fairy, how could she have ended up staying in the hospital for a month because of Xiao Jinning? She was just talking big.”

Xiao Sa frowned. “I didn’t expect that Yao was doing such a dangerous job while keeping it from us!”

“Why doesn’t Uncle know he is working for the Special Forces?” Xiao Jing wondered with a frowned. “I’ll call Uncle and ask him about the Special Division of the Special Forces.” (Note: Uncle here refers to Yang Jingxian’s brother, not Xiao Hongyi.)

“Don’t ask him. If we tell Uncle about his job but Yao turns out to be alright, Mom and Dad will find out what his job is,” Xiao Sa said. “Maybe Yao doesn’t want Mom and Dad to know and worry about him.”

“He is a major!” Xiao Jing said in a low voice. “How old is Yao now? He’s already a major even though he’s only twenty-something!”

It would take a few years for a soldier to be promoted to a sergeant, and as far as they knew, Yao had begun to work for the intelligence department only two or three years ago. It turned out that Yao was not an intelligence agent but a captain of the Special Forces, and he was already a major at that! They were deeply shocked!

Their grandfather was only a lieutenant general, even though he had served in the army for decades, yet Yao had already become a major. Perhaps he would become a lieutenant colonel soon! This being the case, they could imagine what this captain had gone through.

“Don’t tell Mom and Dad,” Xiao Sa said seriously. Their grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins of the maternal line had all served in the army. Their father worked in the government, but he didn’t want them to serve in the army. To their surprise, however, Xiao Yao had done just that and became a major!

When the hell had this happened?

Xiao Yao had rarely hung around with them when they were children, and finished his high school and college life in the capital, so…

“I suddenly feel we should care about Yao more.” Xiao Sa turned around to wash a pot. “We’ve been living under the same roof with Yao for so many years, yet we didn’t find out his secret until Rourou told us about it.”

Xiao Jing took out some vegetables from the refrigerator to wash and then murmured, “I feel scared when I think on the fact that Yao is a captain of the Special Forces that we can only see on TV… I never expected my brother was the kind of figure that I could only see in movies…”

Tang Xi had sneaked to the kitchen door to squat down and eavesdrop on their conversation. Hearing their words, Tang Xi pursed her lips; it seemed that they didn’t believe what she said because it was too shocking. To be honest, if 008 hadn’t given her the files on Yao, she also wouldn’t have believed that her brother was a loyal soldier. No wonder Yao was so moved by that movie yesterday, his eye lighting up when he heard she wanted to be a soldier of the Special Forces.

The two brothers talked casually for a while before changing the topic, at which point Tang Xi stopped eavesdropping, went back to the couch and began to look up information with Xiao Sa’s tablet.

She had to find out which parts of City J were suitable for hiding people, especially criminals. If Yao couldn’t deal with those people, she would do it instead!

She was someone who had died once—killing a terrorist wouldn’t have much of a psychological impact on her.

City J of Province Y.

When Xiao Yao got off the plane, a team of men in military uniform came over. When Xiao Yao went up to them, they gave a military salute to him which he returned. He asked, “How is it going?”

“Our troops are pursuing Kloss and his men with the police of the other countries, and we have found two places suspicious.” One of the men reported to Xiao Yao and handed the tablet in his hand to him. “These are the possible hiding places of Kloss and his men. Please have a look, Captain!”

Xiao Yao took it over, looked at it and nodded. “Tell the soldiers to be on alert and to get ready to support the foreign armies.”

“Yes, sir!”

Xiao Yao followed the soldier into the car, when suddenly the phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and answered the phone. “Senior Colonel, Xiao Yao speaking!”

“Kill Kloss in City J at all costs. Don’t let him leave the city alive. Our army has no reason to let a terrorist who intruded into our territory escape!”

“Yes, sir! I’ll do it myself.”

The senior colonel said seriously, “Good. But according to our informant, Kloss is carrying a batch of weapons with him. You must be more careful, understand?”

Xiao Yao replied in the affirmative. “We will annihilate Kloss and his men in City J. We will never allow terrorists run rampant in our country!”

As he said this, he thought of what Tang Xi had said last night and gave a faint smile. He wondered what her response would be if she knew her brother was a major of the Special Forces which she had always admired.