Spending My Retirement In A Game Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Perfect Booze

Update 3 weeks ago

Once Eisen saw the dark red building as it was described to him by the loan shark just now, he commanded the bees to fly up to the top right window and burrow through the old wood that made up its frame and fly inside to retrieve the second shard. It took a short while, but soon enough the bees came back outside, carrying it. It ended up being pretty easy to get these two, far more than Eisen had thought. Whether or not it was supposed to be this easy was unclear, but Eisen did't worry about it.

Right now he would just need to get that third shard, and then get back to Melroe for a short while and repair Kirisho's amulet. It may still be a while, but Eisen was glad that he was able to get these two within a single day. And Eisen was pretty sure that the town the third shard was supposed to be was the same town he wanted to go to anyway, that coastal magic town where Eisen may be able to find Xenia as well as the second Dragon to take the test from.

Right when Eisen heard some yelli